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test time


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Just to ask for a little prayer tomorrow. CT & MRI again. I figured out since 2 1/2 month ago they did a CAT where my noudle went from 4mm to 6mm.I hope that now did not grow so much. My head was empty in the CT, but will se what the MRI said tomorrow.

I AM FRIKING OUT, TRY TO BE CALM SO THE KIDS THINK THAT I AM FINE, but I am scarred. & Bob is away, even he is nut he is my big support.

Gracias for listen

hugs, health & love bucky :?

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Bucky ... prayers for you at "scanxiety" time. I only go once a year for scans and I know how anxious I get starting the week or two prior to the scan.

Hopefully that little nodule has just disappeared and won't be a concern for you anymore. Wishing you many, many "empty-headed" MRI's!

Let us know the results when you get them. I will worry with you until I hear the good news.


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Bucky, take a deep breath let it out and do it again... until you feel more calm.

You will get through this. Lots of prayers being sent your way.

I know how bad the aniticpation is but if there is a problem ( and probably there will not be) you will deal with it. You are a strong individual with a lot of love around you. You are so fortunate for that. You have a beautiful family who is there for you every step of the way.

Of course you know we are always here for you.

Good luck my friend..


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