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I am truly interested in pursuing gathering information to be utilized as a contact list for folks that become M.I.A. With nearly 4000 members world wide I am not even sure where to start or how to divide stuff up. Did I understand that at one time somebody actually attempted to accomplish this task? If so would be interested in what derailed the project or if it ever even got off the ground. Thanks to those that have been around any length of time and are now setting back giggling at me with a mere two years of hanging around.

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Hi Judy-

Welcome back from your "kidnapped" trip.

Let me know if you can use my help - I do not work so I have time. Maybe we could have people PM us with their emails???

Like you, people are probably laughing but it is a good idea to do this so we don't get scared when folks are missing.

Patti B.

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I would be MORE then happy to start up a Buddy List of phone numbers for our friends. I know Ry had one going for a very long time, but it might be a good idea to have a couple of us doing this. :wink:

Here's what I will offer. Just PM me and let me know your name and phone number, AND it might be a good idea to add with that a CONTACT person, someone that can be called if we can't reach the person themselves.


None of your names or phone numbers will get given out. I will keep this information PRIVATE!

This will only be a contact list in case a member goes MISSING, where we don't hear from you after a while! It will be our way to check up on you and see how you are doing. I will be the one that will be doing the calling. :wink:

How does this sound?

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Actually it should be sorta easy Jen, but if I need help, I'll surely holler! Thanks for offering to help. I've had seveal of you wonderful people offer to help, and I'll keep you all in mind. :wink:

If everyone just PM's me there:

Your Full Name:

Your Phone Number/Cell Number:

A Contact Person and there number:

That's all I will need.

I have gotten several already and I have started up a FOLDER with everyone's information in it. :wink:

This is just in case you go missing from the board and don't request a HALL PASS. :wink: As Katie said, we really do become close net family & friends here, and when someone disappears or goes missing we WORRY!

Take a minute and send me your PM information. All information will be kept PRIVATE!

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I started a phone list a few years ago and when it was updated Ginny and Beck were kind enough to help me keep the list and call. The reason you need help (or at least the reason I did) is these calls are very hard to make. It took me a long time to get over calling Bobmc's wife and some other families. It's not easy because many times it's bad news when someone disappears and you have to be a strong person to pick up that phone.

So-- I am very glad Connie is doing this because I don't have the strength for it anymore --but I have another suggestion also. Find a buddy on the board, someone you will e-mail and share things with (including real names and phone numbers). This person will update us if you go in the hospital or can't get on the board. And of course don't go AWOL without a pass or you get a big fine!

Thanks Connie-


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Rochelle, I hope you don't think I was trying to step on your toes by doing this. :oops: That is not what I was trying to do. (((RY)))

I knew you had the list going for some time now, but nothing had been posted about it for a long time, so I wasn't sure if it got dropped or what. I should have asked first. But, your right about making those phone calls. I do know how hard they can be.

I also deal with this in my in person lung cancer support group here. Again, not an easy task to do.

As a matter of fact, I just had to make one of those phone calls tonight regarding one of my in person support group people. :cry:

So far, I don't THINK I need any help, but I do have several WONDERFUL friends here at LCSC who have offered to help out if need be. And I WILL take them up on it if I need them. :wink:

I also will make a public post to all letting everyone know I will be adding someone on to help me when the time comes so they know I will be sharing there names and phone numbers with another person. I will do that just in case they don't want there information shared.

Thank you Ry for all you do and for being a wonderful friend to all of us. Your more appreciated and loved more then you know!

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I'm going to BUMP this up.

It is wonderful how many of you have sent me your names and phone numbres for the member list.

Just want to encourage more to follow up on this post.

This is a contact list I will use to reach someone if they go MISSING!

Hope to see more join in on the list. It's only because we CARE!!!!!!! :wink::wink:

Send me your PM's with your full name, phone numbers and a contact person other then yourself. This will be kept PRIVATE!!

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That's true Jackie. And some people do use it for that. This list would only be used for someone who might go missing or disappears for long periods of time and not as a phone buddy calling list.

Most phone buddies are people who get together to compare notes with one another. But, as I said, your right, people can find a phone buddy and ask them to keep the board informed if they go into the hospital, etc., So many folks just forget to mention they are going on vacation or taking a break from the board or there computer goes down, and that's what this list would be used for.

It's the same list Ry has had going on for a few years. I guess we figure, More is better! :wink:

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I was unaware of buddy/buddy list. That is good thing and I will check it out but I also think this list is a wonderful idea and thrilled that Connie has taken on the initial task of compiling the necessary information. When battling the beast I think the more buddies we have the better off we are. Thanks to all. Judy

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I still have a spread sheet with many names and numbers etc for members. I will gladly email this to Katie or Connie.

Just one BUT. I think more than one person should have this list. That way all bases are covered.

Let me know what I should do with my list.

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Ginny, is the list your talking about the one we had when we use to send cards out? I have that list also. But, your more then welcome to share with me whatever you have if you would like to do that?

I do plan on getting someone to back me up on this list. I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row here and then I will pick two other members to help me out, but I will also inform the members on this list who I will choose to help me. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the helpers I select. I know with my health issues I may need some extra support.

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I planned on giving you all the information anyway Katie. It's only right that you should have a list and all the information. (sorry I should have stated that sooner) I feel like this is the first time I've ever done something like this and I must be giving the impression I am a beginner at this. :?:wink:

Having been running a Lung Cancer Support Group here in Minnesota for the last 8+ years, I have learned over the years to Cooperate and Respect the HIPPA LAWS PRIVCY ACT. And being this is the INTERNET, Privacy is even MORE IMPORTANT when it comes to protecting our members! At least to me it is. So, I just want everyone to know I honestly have there best and safe interest at heart.

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