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Pet Scan results;

paul verdon

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Hi All,

Michael has his PET Scans results and we meet with Dr. Rosen yesterday.I know this sounds confusing, it was to us also. In short, the main lung tumor and the spinal lesions remain unchanged (yah)!! What pushes Michael close to the fence is a lymph node which has grown, and a new area of activity on his left shoulder blade. The new area glowed with activity on the PET Scan, but was not big enough to be pictured on the CT scan, so I guess it's really new. Dr. Rosen said it's hard to say the drug is working when we're still experiencing growth, but maybe the drug needs a little more time. Therefore we're proceeding with three more treatments of Alimta with the drug Avastin added back in. This is the drug he took initially which inhibits new blood vessel growth toward tumors. Side effects are few.

We feel this is worthy of the good news topic. Any one with similar experience please let us know the good news.


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