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Why stay positive?


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I haven’t posted much lately. I have been trying to come up with a posting about my most recent treatment that would encourage others.

As many of you know my motto has been “Stay positive.” Am I always positive? No, there are times that those negative thoughts slip in. The goal has to be to get rid of the negative and back on the positive as soon as you can, and if you are newly diagnosed to get positive. My first year and a half with stage IV cancer was pretty easy. Everything went right. In four months I was in remission. I was able to stay real positive with such good results. I am sure many of you thought that well it’s easier when things go so well. I was in remission for about a year and a half, and then some cancer reappeared. I had a change in chemo that failed. I had some side effects that were not very pleasant. I had radiation that gave me some bad side effects. I am now back on 150mg of Tarceva and Navelbine and will have scans in May. All of this made it more difficult to stay positive and I did have my bad times.

I have always believed the Lord was in control and still do. So I prayed to find out how my experience could help others stay positive. I think that I now I have the answer.

From the beginning I could have been negative, and if I had I would have had a weaker immune system and would not have had such good results with my chemo. I would have had a year and a half of being negative and not enjoying life. The year and a half that I was in remission was really fantastic.

So now when things are not going as well and those negative thoughts creep in, I just think ,”would I want to have lost those great days of my life while I was in remission” The answer is obviously no.

The Lord has been so good to me through all of my treatment and I believe this is just his way of showing me how I can help others get into that positive mood.

Knowing that being negative may deprive me of some of the greatest days of my life, has made it easier to be positive.

Here are a few facts about being positive.

You always feel better when you have a positive outlook.

Being positive strengthens the immune system and gives you a better chance of beating this disease or any other disease.

Your friends and family will become more positive.

Feeling positive can turn a bad day into a good day.

These facts are true even if you don’t have cancer and I believe can extend life for anyone.

Changing from negative to positive thoughts is not always easy, but if you pray and try as hard as you can, it is well worth the effort. Each day we are positive is a better day in our life.

I hope and pray that this will help those of you that are having trouble staying positive make the change.

The real truth is that thinking negative can shorten ones life.

So let the good days roll.

This all supports one of my favorite verses:


Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

Stay positive, :)


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That is the absolute best post I've read in a long time. The Lord is the only one who got Bill and I through these last months. He always said to me, just be happy for the good times, no reason to focus on the bad. He had an opportunity to say goodbye that many don't have and he was forever grateful for that.

Thank you.

Where does my help come from. My help comes from the Lord. Maker of heaven and earth

Psalm 121:1,2

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Thank you Ernie. Very well said. One of the best things about staying positive is the effect it has on your friends, family and colleagues. And especially and most importantly your kids. I am thankful for everyday with them and they motivate me to be the best that I can be.

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Yes. That is exactly it. The only thing that is sure to change with negativity is that the immune system will respond - negatively.

That is enough for me to try to turn things around as quickly as possible.

Just got over "flu-like symptoms" from IMO, my very own brand of getting far too deeply involved in Bill's recent MRI (prior to results).

Have now put a check on self - lesson learned. I threw away a few days that could have been a lot nicer with my having a better attitude.

Now, back to seeding the brain with positivity. :lol:

In short, I agree with your inspiring, and valuable philosophy. It is on the mark.

Holding onto staying positive,


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