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Biopsy #2 tomorrow morning- UPDATED..


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Tomorrow morning @ 9:15 is Mom's second biopsy (Wang Needle this time...anybody have experience with this type?).

I hope that we at least get something conclusive this attempt.

I feel so scared all the time, that during all this waiting, it could be in there, just growing :(



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Linda, I can't give you any information about the Wang Needle, but can tell you that I will be thinking about your Mom. A lot of us felt frustrated in the beginning because it does seem to take a long time to determine the diagnosis and treatment. I hope everything goes well this morning!


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Well, we finally had the follow up appointment for the second biopsy.

The results NEGATIVE again...yeesh!! The doctor was quite sure he got what he wanted.

Part of me is ecstatic, and the other part is of course..scared!

So, Mom now has 3 options.

1- PET scan in Vancouver

2- Mediastinoscopy

3- Wait and see, until September (6 months from 1st CT scan) enjoy her summer and re-CT then, to see if anything has grown/shrink/whatever.

Mom is drawn to option #3, and while I do think that would be lovely...I'm also afraid to do it.

I feel like she should get the PET...but it's not my choice to make.

What do you think? She feels well, and everything has come back negative up until now...I really need some advice, and some wise words to pass on to her!!



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Hi Linda. I would strongly recommend the PET as well. It's a day trip over but really not much to it. Our medical system pays for cost of ferry ride including escort. It's a little injection, wait and relax for an hour, and lay in machine for about 30 minutes. It's a bonus she is being offered that....I would go for it. There is quite a wait for the machine though so the sooner you make request the better.

The mediastinoscopy is a bit more intrusive. And probably not necessary if you get the PET.

The not knowing is worse I think. Encourage her to go for the PET. Make a fun shopping trip of it! And a nice lunch after because you have to fast for 6 hours before the test.

Take care


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Hi Linda - I too would go for the PET scan as I would rather know where things are at right now; however, that may not be the case with your mom.

Perhaps this is a question you could pose to Dr. West at the Grace website as to whether it is prudent to wait in this situation? Perhaps your mom would take his suggestions as she has been given so many choices. Just a thought anyhow.

I have been going through the negative result process with my MIL (different cancer); however, I certainly understand the fear and frustration and I hope you both get some clear cut answers soon.

Please keep us posted,


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I agree with the others - go for the PET scan. If, God forbid, there was something somewhere, you would have all this time to be treating it. Waiting 6 months sounds good on paper, but you would be kicking yourselves that you didn't have that 6 months to be kicking its butt!!

Whatever her decision is, I hope for great results!!!

Hugs - Patti B

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