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Surgery this Friday

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Hi guys. I haven't posted here in a while, but I do visit almost daily. I won't bore you all with all the details from the past several months, as for the most part everything has been pretty good.

Dad had his Petscan on March 27 and the results were very good. Tumor unable to be seen, improvment in lymph nodes, slight plueral effusion. Dad was given several options as far as what his choices were as far as treatment from that point, with the best option (in my opinion) removal of the right upper lobe. We all told dad that the decision was his to make and that we loved and respected whatever choice he made. He chose surgery, but because it is what he feels that he "has" to do for everyone else. So to say the least the past week has been very stressful for everyone involved. Dad is scared beyond words, mom is losing her mind trying to put dad at ease, my son is acting out because he is scared, I feel like a puppet on a string being pulled in every direction... :cry: Cancer SUCKS!!

His surgery is scheduled for this Friday (May 2) morning at 7:30am at Johns Hopkins. As each day gets closer to the surgery I am more and more frightened of all the unknowns that lie ahead. Please keep my father and my family in your prayers.



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Best wishes. The surgery is not easy but is doable. I also started my treatment with chemo and daily radiation, then had my right upper lobe out. I had chemo after too, it was the plan from the start. I am over 10 years now! Hope your Dad has such success also. Keep us posted


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My prayers are with you and your family and will be on that day as well. Like Donna said it is doable. Donna also helped me with advice when I had asked for advice before mom's surgery and I am glad I did. My Mom had the same thing done upper right lobe removed along with center of the chest lymph nodes. My Mom got through the surgery and it was scary but she came through it. Its good to hear of others making it through successfully and thats what I needed - hope this helps knowing others have done it too.

Keep the Faith and Be Strong for your Family

Many Blessings


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I am sure praying for your dad to have a successful surgery and a complete recovery. There is so much good advice and encouragement

from people who have been through this. Please know your family is in

my thoughts and prayers.


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