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Oh well


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Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while, but I avidly read this site daily. I guess this post is to give people hope who are on Tarceva. I had stable disease for 3 long years on Tarceva, it was wonderful. Unfortunately it has stopped working for me now, but I hope people out there can take something from how long it worked for me.

There is no way I am giving up the fight. I have bone mets which will be treated with radiotherapy and then I am on to Alimta. They drained my left lung of 1.3 litres and that has made breathing a lot easier. I gotta give it everything and I will. I have kids that still need their mum and I need to be here for them. My partner has been through enough in life and I will fight for all of them.

So, onto the next phase of treatment. Hopefully it will be as successful as Tarceva was.


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I'm glad you have a new treatment plan and I will be praying for the best. I am however sorry that you have a need to have one. I had hoped the Tarceva would help you forever. Many folks are having good results with Alimta. My best to you. Please let us know how are doing.



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Sharon ... I am sorry that Tarceva quit working for you, but with your track record I am sure that your next treatment will be just as successful. Glad you are breathing easier after the drainage.

A good fighting spirit is required and it sounds as though you have that and then some! Take care and keep us posted.


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You had such success with Tarceva, I know you will have great results with Alimta also!! 3 years is such a success story!! It's good to know that your spirit is so strong!!! Keep on keeping on!!!

Prayers for you!

God Bless!!


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I am sorry for the bad news but glad it has not got you down and out. Keep the great fighting spirit and attitude and thoughts and Prayers! GO get' em Shar!!

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