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I want to introduce myself.


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I am a lung cancer survivor. In December 05, I was first diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable, metastatic lung cancer. I then decided to go to the hospital of the U of PA. I was re-diagnosed with stage 3B inoperable lung cancer with a 10 cm tumor. I thought I was handed a death sentence. I began taking esiac and after the second or so petscan, my doctor said"I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it." The tumor was reduced by"80%" according to the doctor.

I went through the chemo and radiation and was given the treatment as if I had small cell lung cancer. It was tough and near the beginning I said I didn't want to do this anymore but my friends persisted and drove me to the hospital everyday for treatment.

The last scan I had was in March. My radiation oncologist isn't even sure there is anymore cancer there. My lung is done- I have about 5% function in the one, but I'm still here and they are no longer saying 1 year without treatment and 2-5 years with.

I feel pretty good, and although I get out of breath easily, I am alive and doing OK!! apparently, lung cancer does NOT have to be a death sentence!!

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Hi Penni and welcome.

I wanted to let you know that there are a group of us from the Delaware Valley area that meet for lunch once a quarter. Our next lunch June 21st. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you all the information.

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Hello and welcome, Penni,

What an encouraging story, and I thank you for sharing that. There isn't anything I enjoy better than to read of successes. :D

Please keep posting. This is a wonderful site for support - receiving it - or giving it.


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Hi, Penni.

There's nothing like a success story to make our day here! :D

Re your Essiac treatment, do you take it in the form of tea? Do you use a commercial formula or make your own?

I read up on Essiac a while ago, but never checked it out further. MD Anderson writes on the subject at:

http://www.mdanderson.org/departments/C ... 508B603A14



Life is a Terminal Condition

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