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Col's MRI


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MRI of Brain show everything is STILL CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been spending way tooooooo much time posting in this test times update section lately. I hope to have nothing to report for some time now.

Thanks again for all of your support.

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We WANT to hear the news, JB, so don't worry about posting your info. Great to hear you can breathe a little bit for now, huh? Yes, the Pub is always open for you guys. Berrs all around?????? Me thinks I can hear Jack in the background singing about beer :roll::wink::?:lol: !!!! Looking forward to Sept. 6.

Kasey (Fred too, of course)

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Just got the news, was playing in a rally for the cure golf tourney, should have gone bowling.


Join you all in the pub. I'll have a bicardi and tonic with two limes in a snifter.

Col, I am happy, happy, happy for you. Stay the course.

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I'll respond for Cól since I don't think she'll be checking in, as her and Jack have embarked on their annual pilgrimage to the Jersey Shore....So thank you all very much for your support...

As for me, I know you're all asking why didn't you go on vacation with them....I AM on vacation, at home by myself...that's my vacation...You couldn't get me near the Jersey Shore for ALL THE BEER in the world.

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