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Returning after 3 year absence


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I'm a returning "poster" after taking a 3 year hiatus. I visited this site a lot for the first year or so after diagnosis and treatment, but after my cancer "buddy" -(longtimers from LCSC will remember Beth from VA), lost her battle while I continued doing so well, I had either survivors guilt or just couldn't take bad news for awhile. I let it go too long before returning to check in on others whose journeys I followed, though often quietly. It was too easy to put it in the past, maybe.

A friend's recent diagnosis brought me up short and though I have tried to help others facing cancer that I know personally, her current battle reminded me that I owe it not only to her, but to others I may NOT know personally, to say it IS possible to beat back the beast. I got myself reactivated and am here just to say that after 4 years NED for me, maybe someone will read this and feel a bit of hope, anyway.

I would include my staging info but it seemed to change on a regular basis as I went through treatment. I can tell you that yes, I did have lymph node involvement including some in the "window" in the center, and one cancerous node sitting right on the pulmonary artery that surgically was too risky to attempt, thus the radiation. I tolerated 27of the 30 treatments, and it apparently did the trick, along with the weekly chemo for 6 weeks. All scans since have been completely clear - my oncologist is jubilant!

I don't know if there is a "5 year all clear" you're considered "cured" like you hear about with other types of cancer - maybe someone out there can tell me that, but I am doing scans only every 6 months now and don't know how long he plans to continue that. There comes a point where continuing to radiate the chest becomes possibly not worth the risk, I would think.

Anyhow, glad to be back - glad to see many familiar names are still kicking, and sorry to see so many have had to find this site, but still oh so grateful that it's here for people to share and gain some hope and shared experiences. I'm sorry it took me so long......

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Hello and Welcome back,ljdub,

Just reading your posting has given me the sense that you are a caring person, who has realized that your input here could help so many.

It isn't easy, I am sure, to have lost a buddy back when you originally joined. That, alone, can wreak havoc with the spirit.

Your coming back and reuniting with this board is a testimony, in a sense, of your caring, and your victory over "hearing bad news." May you visit often, and be a part of this wonderful community of support.

I am sorry about your friend's diagnosis. She will have you to help her, and that is a blessing.

Your NED is a wonderful status, and may that continue for you, and for many others.


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Welcome back! Yes! Yes! Yes! we need you. I too, like many go through heart aching grief when the board does not post good news. My family can tell, and I promise them I will give the site a break.Then boom! Here I am sharing ,giving, loving ,laughing and yes crying. This site is a safe haven for me. Where else can you tell a group of people you had underwear on your head and they understand?


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welcome back and THANK YOU for coming back. It is stories like yours that we need here, to give hope and inspiration to all of us.

Please stick around and keep posting! You have so much to offer here and we are all so grateful to you!

Congrats on your 4 years of NED..



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It's so good to hear you've been busy living. I remember Beth, and miss her, as well.

As for the "magic cure point," my oncologist told me at the onset of our journey together that making it five years would make me cured. I hit the five year mark in February, but he would NOT say I was cured when I met with him. Well, if I'm in remission forever, that works, too!

Congrats on your four years, may we keep celebrating our "remission" if we can't officially celebrate our cure!



(an old timer)

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Thanks so much for the so warm welcome back - this board has always been full of the most positive wonderful people! I wasn't sure about returning, but you all have made it clear it was the right decision. I'm delighted to know my story CAN give some hope to others at all different stages of fighting the beast. :D

I did find my old login info with the specifics of my journey, so I pasted it into my signature. I couldn't remember the details, which I took as a sign of either putting it behind me and thinking about good things, or evidence of chemo brain, or both! But having located it, I added it, so others can see if it tracks with their own experiences.

Thanks again to you all - it's good to be back - you're wonderful folks! I'll be posting whenever I can, and sending good thoughts always to all those involved in this fight!

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