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It's Coming Back!!

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The hair that is!! :roll::lol:

Tom started shaving again this week and he has about an 1/8" of fuzzy crew cut going on up top. :D:D

It's a shame that it doesn't grow back in spots where it was already gone before treatment. :lol::lol:


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Hi Denise,

That is great (about Tom's hair). I know the feeling having watched Bill's grow back. It's a welcome sight, isn't it? Hallelujah.

Of course, it would be nice to have it in former thin/bald spots, but . . . just being able to have some for him to shampoo. Bill has laughed and said that he was saving money. :lol:

I just remembered to mention that Bill's hair (that which has returned) is not the same color, nor texture. It's darker, which is hard to believe that one can lose the gray? The mustache he grew when he had no hair on head, is now turning gray.


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Denise, Congratulate Tom on his newly grown fuzz. It really is all about the hair. You grieve because it's gone and now that it's coming back, it's a little messy. Family memebers keep telling me to go to a stylist and have her shape it up. Not enough up there for me to risk that yet so I'll stay with the mousse and gel.

Judy in Key West

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Yeah, lady, you scared me, too!!! :evil::evil::evil:

Tell Tom congrats on his hair - when mine came back it came in curly in some spots, straight in others and a totally new texture. Its been almost a year since its been back and I do believe its finally back to where it was before I lost it.


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I hope Tom likes his new hair. It is interesting to read how one's hair can come back looking different. I am in the process of losing my hair now after 3 rounds of taxotere. I have had a beard since before my children were born. My beard is mostly gone now and my daughters know what I look like without a beard now. My son's have not yet seen me in my defolicated condition. My youngest daughter says I look like my sons.

Don M

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