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All in All


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It is basically good news all around.

So yes the lung tumor is still shrinking and the liver lesion is gone!! :D

We got to look at the pics with the radiologist today. Tom got to see how big his clot is first hand and it takes up about half the width of his aorta. SOOOOO..He want's to talk to his cardiologist before he starts on the coumadin or whatever they decide in the end to out him on.

As far as the cough goes the radiologist is giving him 2 weeks worth of prednisone to help clear that up and hopefully it does. It's not as bad as it was but it is still there.

Tom is supposed to call the Cardiologist today and tomorrow we see the Onc again for blood work and see what he needs to do to obliterate this clot.

No more treatment at this time and the next scan will be in 3 months.

So all in all we are good to go.


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Glad to hear Tom is coming around and seeing that this is the right thing to do.

They may put him on coumadin and Lovenox both in the beginning. You have to give yourself the Lovenox inj in your stomach and its really not that bad.

Now - info that I didn't know when I had my clot. Nothing breaks up the clot, it just makes your body less able to produce more. It takes between 6 weeks and three months for your body to "absorb" the clot. Don't know if they do anything different when it is located where Toms is but I was real disappointed that the meds are not "clot busters".

Good luck and so glad to hear about the shrinakge!!! Atta boy, Tom!!!

Patti B.

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All in all good to go and good news. Yeah! We strong LC patients just keep plugging along.

I met someone today at our clinic whom I had seen last fall. He was given months at that time and said nothing they could do. They finally agreed to give him Tarceva. Well he was alive and kicking today...sop that is good news too. I was SOOO happy to see him. It is all of our stories here that inspire each other...we all just need to keep on fighting and kicking butt and it can be done.

Great news Denise..continued best wishes


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