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Just wanted to say Hi! and introduce myself


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I've been lurking here for a few weeks and I figured it was time to introduce myself. My Dad, Irwin, was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) last week. He is an 8 year survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has a 4cm tumor in his upper lung and mets to L4. He is scheduled for a brain scan tomorrow. Right now he is inpatient at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan.

This all started when he was having pain in his lumbar spine. He had surgery on L4-S1 this past February for severe stenosis. He was doing well for quite a while and started to have some pain. His neurosurgeon sent him for physical therapy and the pain continued to progress and get much worse. He called and made an appt. with his pain management doctor (who couldn't get him in for a month, and Dad of course didn't push the issue). By the time he went to the Dr, he was practically bedbound and had lost 25 lbs. The Dr ordered a stat MRI. My dad returned to the Dr 4 days later and was told to immediately call his back surgeon and see him immediately (of course the Dr saw the lesion on L4 and didn't say a word, won't be going back to him again!). My Mom immediately called the surgeon and he told her to bring him in the following afternoon ( we all live in NJ and the surgeon is in Manhattan). He takes one look at the MRI and immediately admits him.

Many scans and tests later, Dad's pain is under control, he has been moved to the rehab floor, is receiving PT and OT daily and has begun radiation treatment to the lesion on L4. Hopefully we'll get him home after the radiation is done (10 rounds) and he will start chemo. His oncologist here in NJ has been sent all of his records and is ready to go as soon as we can get him home.

I just wanted to say Hi! and thank you all for being here. Just reading the posts from all of you have been so informative and comforting. It has also given me hope. I'm trying to slow down this whirlwind that has become my life lately and it's hard. I'll stop rambling now! Thanks for listening!

Almost forgot.....I've been a medical biller for 15 years. If anyone ever needs any help with insurance questions or problems, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message. I'll do whatever I can to help!


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Hi, Cheryl, welcome to the group. I'm glad your dad's pain is finally under control and he's getting the treatment he needs. When you get the info, let us know what chemo drug(s) he'll be getting and we'll try to get you all off to a good start dealing with the side effects.

Thanks for the offer on insurance billing questions. That subject does come up occasionally, not only here but on another site many of us visit, cancergrace.org (the previous onctalk.com has been folded into GRACE, Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education). There's a wealth of information there, especially on lung cancer, constantly updated by a Seattle oncologist who is an internationally-recognized expert on lung cancer and who gives high priority to promptly answering questions from people like you and me. A lot of us have "dual citizenship" so to speak, and have the same usernames there as here.



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Hello Cheryl and welcome to LCSC~

I am so sorry that your Dad had to endure so much before got some relief from the pain. I hope the treatments will continue to go smoothly and that his oncologist will have things in control soon.

Keep positing and let us know how we can help you...



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Cheryl, Welcome aboard. You can see what a welcoming bunch we have here. It is hard enough dealing with a cancer dx without feeling medical people along the way dropped the ball. We always think, what if that appointment had been made sooner or this or that doctor had detected something he missed. But I know I've heard Dr West on cancergrace.org (see Ned's post) advise people with advance lung cancer that a few weeks here or there are not significant. I think timing is much more critical with early cancer.

If you've been lurking here, you know there are many long-term survivors of advanced lung cancer. I am IIIb or IVa, depending on what staging system you look at, and I plan on being around for a long time. We'll all be here cheering you, your dad and family on--he kicked Lymphoma, he can kick this.

Judy in Key West

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Welcome to our family . I know we can be of help and support during this trying time. I am so sad to hear this is his second round with a cancer. Glad to hear his pain is under control. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Cheryl -

Welcome to the site - I hope we can all be of some help and reassurance to you. It sounds like plans are in place and things are moving forward in a positive way, now that treatment has started, things will slow down a bit and you will be able to breathe again. - be sure to ask us any questions you may have!

Like your dad - my doctor knew about the lesions and said nothing - just sent me on to the emergency room for "tests". I have never been back! That is something I have learned from all of this - you HAVE to like the doctor - as well as trust them and their expertise -

Your family is in my prayers


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