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I just got back from the oncologists' office. I have passed this test. I ended up with the grade of NED, that really helps my GPA. Both my husband and I just floated out of his office. When we got in the car we just sat there for a few minutes and tried hard not to cry we were so happy. I don't have to go back for another 4 months for a chest x-ray and blood work. I want to thank everyone that prayed and kept me close in their hearts during this.

Thanks again



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Thanks again all. It does take awhile to realize that it went great. I think we prepare ourselves for the bad news first that what we get the good news it takes time to really sink in. I plan on getting on with my life and enjoying everything about it. I really think that I have been on a quiet personal pity party since I first was DX'd. I quit smoking and proceeded to put on 30 pounds between that and the surgery. Deep down I think I was afraid to lose the weight because it would mean that the cancer was winning. Actually, when I really thought about it I was going to show the docs that I wasn't really sick with cancer, after all I was gaining weight. Well, that is over and I have decided that I am in control at least over this part. I have had one heck of a ride the past 15 months. My brother passed last July, my father passed last December. I was dx'd with lung cancer in March of this year, surgery in April. Lost my job in September. So, quess what I am going to do???? I am going back to school, going to return to a healthier lifestyle. I have been given a great gift..more time to live my life and to be with my family and friends. I am going to make the most of it. Will I still get upset-you bet, will I still get in arguments-you bet, will I still cry and worry about the cancer-you bet. The way I look at this is I can chose how to handle this life (good and bad) I was given for whatever time I have to be here. No one wants to be Dx with any kind of cancer, but we do learn how people will band together, help one another and just be there for that moral support. I have been blessed to have really great people in my life (in person and on the internet), and I know that I am who I am because of everyone that has touched my life even in the smallest of ways. So, I will stop running my mouth and fingers for now and go play with my two fury friends.

With my heart


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