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Congratulations to Bev............you yoo, Kim. Hope you have a most enjoyable evening. I'm still hopeful that someday I may hear from Bev herself. I feel a kindred spirit with her.

I will toast you from my very favorite eatery.........right here at home. I'll be toasting MANY more years of survivorship for us both!


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Thank You, Everyone!

Well, wouldn’t you know it… We were celebrating her clean CT scan. So I get home from work and there’s a letter on the table from her radiologist about her recent mammography. They detected some changes which were “probably benign”. Probably nothing to worry about (said Kim), but just enough to get a little background train of thought going in her head. And then the restaurant was a little disappointing. New ownership. Just wasn’t quite the same. No, it didn’t turn into a bad evening. We went home, started a fire in the fireplace, put on some music (louder than usual, the nest was empty), had a few beers and had a lot of fun.

Everything changes.

"Where did we go wrong

We had all the magic to put us on our way

And all the tragedy, that we ever want to see

But you know I'm right

When I say the best is yet to come"

- Justin Hayward

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O.k., we'll all take a deep breath and wait for further info. When's that coming? What will they do to detemine if it's nothing? Just watch it? If so, how long before the redo? Don't you just hate it when they do this!

Judy in Key West

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It's ALWAYS something, isn't it? Just isn't fair! You know I'm rooting for you and hoping for the 'nothing' word about this. I'll be waiting quite anxiously to hear.

As to the restaurant..............been there and done that. It seems (to ME anyhow) that since this dx I just can't go back again. Time has marched on and things have changed. Sure would be nice to be able to revisit and relive ~ but hasn't happened for me. I know you had an okay time, but sure would have been great to be in THAT special place with THAT special feeling again. Sorry.


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Sorry to hear about the radiation letter :cry:

Its encouraging that they aren't very concerned about it though.

Too bad that your celebration wasn't what you planned it would be.

Maybe another special evening out is in order. Maybe a new restaurant with just dessert and drinks. Making new memories are just as good as reliving old ones and you definetly have something to celebrate.


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Regarding that radiation letter, I got one of those a couple of mammograms ago, and having had breast cancer in 2001, I almost went nuts.

Turns out that they couldn't see part of the tissue due to densities in my breasts (very common) so they say it's probably benign because they can't see everything so they can't pronounce it positively benign.

My sister, also a breast cancer survivor, had the same letter once and it was the same situation, breast tissue too dense to see anything in places.

I hope you have the same outcome.


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