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Skull Met


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Leave it to me to be a little different.....

I found out I have a skull met at the base of my skull. The brain is clear.

I just finished 10 radiation treatments because the pain I had from my neck/head. I was getting pain/shocks similar to a pinched nerve problem. The pain hasn't totally subsided but it is much better than it was.

So right now I have

1 met at spine, t10 - stable

1 met at thyroid area - stable (they have no idea where it is, they can't find it on ultrasound)

and the newest to my skull.

I meet with my doc next week and will discuss what is next for me. I have been Tarceva and Avastin for 2 yrs 9 month and zometa for a year.

Geesh I hate this damn rollercoaster - time to kick butt again.

Wendy - 4yr 6 month survivor

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Sorry to hear that they have found a new Met.

My dad has just been told that he has two lesions (I'm assuming this means mets) to the skull, along with some to the ribs and shoulder. They are all stable right now and are being left alone.

But, the Oncologist did state that the ones to the skull will usually not present any problems and that they aren't at all concerned about them.

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Wendy, kicking cancer butt must be second nature to you now with 4 hrs 6 months behind you. We all know by that you are up to this next challenge. By my count, six more months and you've got it cornered for a long time to come.

Sending positive energy to help you in your fight.

Judy in Key West

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Right you are, Wendy, time to kick butt again. And boy, amd I sorry you have to. I remember as a kid just LOVING rollercoasters. Little did I know then about the ride!!!!! Hope there is a good plan put in place real soon and you get on with taking care of business. Hoping/praying for nothing but the best.


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What THE $*&@ ?????? Sorry, but that's not what I was expecting to hear, as I'm sure you weren't either!!! ((((WENDY)))) Okay, get the fighting gloves back on, and go punch it out. Or, maybe you need to kick higher then a BUTT!! That's IT! Practice kicking HIGHER!! Let's kick this out of the park, once and for ALL! And A One, And A Two, And A Three, KICK!!!!!

We're here for you my dear and wonderful gal pal. Just kind of broadsided me on this news. Okay, I'm ready to fight with you! Let go GET R DONE!!!!!!!

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I agree with Kasey - used to LOVE roller coasters - the bigger and faster the better. Now......... I no longer need to go to an amusement park.

I too am in your corner and hoping and praying for some good cancer butt-kicking coming from you.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi Wendy. So sorry about your latest news...that is weird, I have never heard of a skull met. Glad to see you are in kick butt mode again. We LC survivors sure are a tough bunch! I hope they get a treatment plan in place for the skull met and that your pain is lessened. Take good care


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Thank you for everyones support!

I am starting to feel some relief from the pain in my head/neck from the radiation.

Caren, interesting that the doc said they weren't all that concerned about the skull mets. My doc was leaving town the day before my brain mri/neck mri so we didn't have alot of time to discuss the what if's other than getting the pain under control. I visit with the doc next week and will find out more, but I sure feel a little better hearing what your dad was told about skull mets.

Ned, I am actually feeling pretty good (other than the pain I already mentioned above). I have been Avastin for 9 months again. I did purchase a new mattress and the aches and pains seemed to have gone out the window with my old mattress. I do continue to have problems with the temperatures/feelings in my hands and feet from neuropathy.

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