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No Visible Evidence of Disease AGAIN!


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O.k. after being up and about since 5:30 am yesterday, the two galsses of CELEBRATORY wine did me in. I didn't make chat or get on to the update.

Yes, after months of agonizing and and my THIRD CLEAR SCAN, I told my oncololgist I wanted to go into "watch" mode. She agreed readily and with a smile said she had no problem with that. YEAH!!! I did my final Avastin maintenance after the appointment and do not return until February for another scan.

I am so happy I can hardly stand it.

Judy in Key West

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Judy -

we were worried about you on chat last night - thought maybe you couldn't connect on the road. But now I know - you were boozing it up!!! :lol::lol::lol:

I am so happy for you - now I can uncross everything I promised to keep crossed for you. Told you you were still NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs - Patti

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Thank you all for your good wishes. I'm dragging out my time away from home here in Port St Lucie with my daughter and grandson. Soon enough I'll be going home and trying to find out what this new normal life is going to look like. First thing, count ahead 60 days (Avastin and bleeding/slow healing) and make a long overdue appointment to get my vision fixed in my left eye. That was supposed to be done last Nov but dx put that on hold. Then I'll get my teeth cleaned to see if I had a gum disease relapse after about 15 years. They told me I was at risk again just before I was dx'd. I plan to have many more clear scans but I'm not going to procrastinate on these things and tempt fate.

Thanks again, Judy in Key West

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