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Dennis' Dad Needs Your Prayers, Please


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Please remember Dennis' Dad in your prayers. About 4 years ago, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He's had his ups and downs during chemo and radiation and was even believed to be in remission for a while. For the past months, he has been failing and had to discontinue chemo. For most of the last 4 years, he had been fed through a feeding line. He went into the hospital last week to have the stent changed. They found that he has many problems that require surgery and he is not strong enough to endure any surgery. He is being sent home today and will be under Hospice care. He is 79 years old and extremely fragile. He lost his son (my Dennis) on December 15th, almost 6 years ago and has never been at peace since then. He is very close with his 3 grandchildren (my boys) and reliving all this is so very hard for them. It is so painful knowing they lost their father and will probably lose their grandfather during this time of year. Please say a prayer for us.

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Ann I do hope for some peace and inner calmness in all this turmoil You adn the family are going thru right now. Prayers and thoughts for you and the family right now!!

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Hi Ann

You certainly have my thoughts and prayers as well as your father in law. I know how rough this time of year is for you already.

I have been away for a while because I was sick. When I first tried to sign in it kep telling me that my username was invalid. Kept trying because I wanted to tell you that I do care and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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