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Just wanted you to know that my heart is with you today. It's so hard to believe how days like today bring all of the pain back so very strong.....like an open wound. For a time, we can suppress the pain and fool ourselves into believing it is all right and we have the pain under control. Then, when a special date rolls around, we get hit head on like being run down by an oncoming freight train. There's really nothing I can say that will make the pain less for you today but I do want you to know that my heart will be reaching out to yours! I know, in two weeks, you will be here for me!!!

I have been reading a lot lately and have a couple of things I've bookmarked and wanted to share with you......

Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that you don’t “recover.” Instead, you learn to incorporate their absence and memories into your life and channel your emotional energy toward others. Eventually, it has been said, your grief walks beside you instead of consuming you.

“In general, bereaved survivors shouldn’t think of ‘getting over’ a loss, but develop ways to get used to it,” says Prigerson. “Even years after someone dies, pangs of grief may come out of the blue, and feelings of heartache and missing the deceased are rekindled. That’s normal.”

“You go on,” he reflected. “You bring the person you love inside you. That is how you cope. You make him or her live within you.”

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