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PET Scan results


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I talked to my doctor tonight and he gave me the results of my PET Scan. My lungs still look good, no evidence of disease. The Adrenal gland area that received the recent SRS went from SUV 8 to SUV 4. Dr. is really pleased. There is a nodule on my vocal chord that the Dr. wants me to go in and get looked at via scope. He doesn't think it is a lung cancer metastisis but doesn't want to rule out cancer. Although he thinks it is probably nothing..but we shall see. Anyone hear of someone's lung cancer metasticising to the vocal chord?

anyhow...I continue to get through each day.


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I'm happy to hear this news from you. I've never heard of lc going to the vocal cord, probably nothing and a consequence of a PET scan finding something that turns out to be nothing. Will have all fingers crossed for you!


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Lily - congratulations on the good results of your PET scan. Once you get that vocal chord issue off the table you can really celebrate. Is the scope booked already? I, too, think it is probably nothing, but I know until you get confirmation that it is nothing, the worry will be there. Can't wait to hear the good news that it is nothing to worry about.


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Hey Lilly,

GOOD NEWS for the holidays! :wink: As for spread to vocal cords, I would say this monster is capable of going anywhere it wants too. :roll::evil:. Sorry to say my dad lost his voice when he had lc. But remember that was 38 years ago. I know Wendy on the board here had vocal cord problems, but I don't think it was from a nodule, I'm sure it wasn't. I can't remember now what it was about, but I know she has a whispery voice now, 8) but over the years it has gotten better. Check with her.

Good to hear things are going well for you. You Deserve it my friend! (((LILLY)))

Happy Holidays!

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