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Richard Perry

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This is my first time here. I'm not sure where to go to start. I have a very positive story that I'd like to share.

I was diagnosed with nsclc in September 2003 in stage IIIA. I had chemo and radiation, and a lobectomy in December 2003, then more chemo. I had a mestasasis in an adrenal gland in August 2004, treated by more chemo. In December that tumor had not responded and I was started on Tarceva. Two months later the adrenal tumor was 'dying.' I stayed on Tarceva for almost 3 years with some side effects. My adrenal tumor was removed in June 2005.

I have had regular PET/CT and CT scans as well as bloodtests and exams. As of my last appointment, yesterday, I have had no recurrence and I'm in good health. It's been 5 years and 3!/2 months since my diagnosis.

I hope my story will give some hope. Please let me know where to go.

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Kudos to you Richard!! Thats an awesome story to hear. So how did you find us? Glad to meet you and you willl hear from many more soon. Being the holidays things are kinda quiet but we are here!

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Welcome Richard, and CONGRATULATIONS on 5+ years!! :D:D Love to hear these hopful stories. I too am a LC Survivor (Stage IIIA-B) it's 13+ years for me. I won't bore you with details but you can read my story by clicking on the link below this message.

I hope you'll stay with us and offer hope to those starting and those fighting this monster and let us get to know you. This is a great group of people.

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Hi folks,

Thanks for the responses. What a nice group. I would like to stay in touch. I am 62, retired with 3 grown kids and 3 perfect grandkids 4,2,2.

I found out about LUNGevity in an article in the Washington Post this morning. It was front page I think (I read it online). Its theme was the stigma put on LC people because so many of us have been smokers and therefore are considered to have brought the disease on ourselves. The article mentioned a few other groupls where input is encouraged.

I think the headline of my story is the Tarceva. I haven't seen it confirmed but I guess that Tarceva works wonders for a small percentage of patients. I know that I am treated like a hero at my Cancer Center. I attribute my survival to good fortune.

There are many issues in which I'm interested, one being that surviving to me is not heroic, but living happily and fully should be the goal and is a blessing for those who can do it.

Please let me know how I might best navigate on this site. Should I just stay right here, posting and readiing? Should I look at other 'categories' here?

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Welcome Richard! 5 plus years of survival, what Happy News! So glad you found us and shared your story. Sounds like your treatment went down a similiar street to mine. I just celebrated an anniversary too!

Donna G

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Hi, Richard, thanks so much for your post. It's great to start the day on such a positive note. Are you still on Tarceva?

Since you asked about where to post, let me suggest this:

First, write a more detailed account of your cancer history and post it in the My Story forum. That forum is not designed for responses and discussion, but as a repository of personal stories covering initial symptoms, tests and diagnosis, treatments, side effects, results of subsequent scans, etc. You can edit it in the future whenever you have something to add.

Next, go to the Profile link above, scroll down to the Signature block, enter a link to your My Story post and any other information you want to include (it will appear below the short horizontal line in all your messages), ensure Always attach my signature is marked Yes, and click Submit at the bottom.

Then, read the new messages as they appear (the View posts since last visit feature is quite handy) and respond as you see fit. Your experience will be very encouraging to many new members. If you have a question of your own, post it as a new topic in whatever forum seems most appropriate.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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