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Gamma Knife Success


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Hi all,

I had the Gamma Knife procedure done on the six “stragglers” leftover from my PCI treatments that were performed last April. I had the whole unit to myself from 6:00am -2:00pm as no other procedures were scheduled that day (someone up there is looking over me) .

They zapped four of them in the first halo setting and then repositioned the halo, had a 2nd MRI and then they zapped the remaining two.

I would like to thank the staff at the Illinois Gamma Knife Center, located in the Alexian Brothers Medical Center, for treating me with uncompromising personal attention, support and working as a seasoned team to eliminate the “stragglers” in a most professional way.

I would also like to thank the people on this forum for supporting me during this time. I promise to be more talkative the next time I log on to chat :D



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Congratulations Rob!!! Someone is definitely looking over you.

I did notice when you dropped into chat last time that you left rather quickly. We are here for support and if you have anything on the go we would certainly love to hear about it. And yes it will be great to have you chatting on chat about your success. LOL

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Hi Rob,

Congrats on your gamma knife procedure being over. That is great news. Good luck with the results. I hope it turns out as good as my husbands cyberknife. He too had a marvelous staff that completely gave alll their attention to him.

Let us know your results. My fingers and everyithing is crossed for you.

Mayanne :wink:

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