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Hello all,

My name is Doug. I am 58 year old that was diagnosed a cpl weeks ago with poorly differentiated NSCLC. I had gone in for a regular physical and had been fighting off a cold with heavy chest congestion. When the Dr listened to my lungs, he was concerned about pneumonia and ordered a chest x-ray. When it came back there was a spot that eventually was identified as a 8.5cm x 5cm malignant tumor. I am in the process of a series of additonal tests Blood, PFT, Brain MRI, PET/ CT scan, so we can determine next steps.

Was all set fo rthe Pet scan today and then the meeting with the oncologist next Monday to discuss treatment. Unfortunately, when I got to the clinic, i was informed that the scanner had broken down, So now, it's another week of waiting as they only do scans on Weds and I had to be rescheduled for next week.

The good news so far is that all that all the other test have come back clean....woohoo!!

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Well I am sorry that you had to find us Doug. You are in the most scary time of this awful disease. All the testing and waiting, before getting a treatment plan in place. Many of us have been through this and can empathize with you.

You will find lots of caring people here with lots of information. Please keep us posted on your upcoming tests and treatment plan. And let us know if you have any questions at all or just simply need support. We "get it" here. Take care


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Wow, Doug, bummers on the busted PET scanner! You'd already finished the hardest part, from my experience. Let's hope the machine is in top condition next Wednesday.

Do the docs think you're a candidate for surgery, assuming the PET shows no evidence of spread elsewhere? If so, that's terrific. In my case, exploratory surgery revealed that the tumor had invaded the chest wall, so removing it surgically was not feasible and getting a PET at that time would not have changed my treatment, so I had a regular CT and a bone scan instead, plus a brain MRI. I did get a PET after I'd been on treatment for a year to see if anything was still active, and it was, but still only in the chest. I'm now on my third line treatment and doing pretty well 29 months out from diagnosis.

Welcome to the group, and let us know what sort of treatment is offered/planned. Aloha,


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Hi Doug. Welcome to the group. I'm the poster child for the impatient patient so I'm feeling for you with that extra week. I go a little wacky inside just waiting for the scans each time. You came to the right place though, so many great people and you're sure to find among them one whose case seems close to yours. And all of us are similar in that we've had to face the verdict--it's cancer. Keep us posted. We like to be updated on how all our members are doing.

Judy in Key West

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Hello Doug and welcome to the "family"

While I cannot say much about HAVING cancer, I have been a caregiver/family member/friend and can and do understand the anxiety and worry from a different point of view. It's not the same but those of us in my position are here to help and support as much as we can. :D

Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help you and rest assured we will all do our best to do so!



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Welcome Doug. I bet you may be expecting the snow that is suppose to hit the Twin Cities today. Weather tends to go your way after hitting Mn.

I hope you have family or friends there at your appointments and for general help. It is so hard to even "hear" what the doctor is saying during this trying time. If not bring a recorder so you can listen again at home.

I have been through this journey, you can click and read my story below. The good part of my story is 11 years later I am here talking to you! Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Welcome Doug -

So glad you found us - this is a great site with lots of really supportive and knowledgeable people.

Sorry the PET scanner broke - bummer you have to wait another week. I know how you feel - I was having a brain MRI because they thought they saw something (which turned out to be nothing) and when they pulled me out to inject the dye and put me back in - BAM!!! It broke!!! So more waiting - and waiting isn't easy for a lot us!!

Please keep posting and let us know how we can help you. And please make sure that you let us know what your treatment plan will be - you really will feel better once you know how you are going to fight this disease.

In the meantime, look around this forum and you will find stories of long-time survivors - like Donna!! And remember NOT to listen to statistics - you are an individual not a statistic.

Hugs- Patti B.

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Doug - I want to extend a warm welcome; however, I wish you didn't have the need to be here.

I am like Judy - I am very impatient and what happened with the scan being post-poned would drive me around the bend. So much is out of our control at diagnosis and every set back is magnified in its intensity. I hope the days pass quickly until you can get in for your testing and meeting with the oncologist. What fantastic news that all the other tests have come back clean!

Take care Doug and keep us posted,


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Hi Doug; From SE Wisconsin as well. I am a SCLC survivor of 6+ years and 54yo. Looking back, I can clearly remember the gamut of emotions I went through. It was MANY. Be prepared for these, as this really does help with all you may have to deal with. Many people had told me I was a "Trooper", though I never thought of myself as strong emotionally. Best of luck to you. Kent

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