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I finally have the results from the CT scan done after my most recent hospital visit. The good news is that the cloudiness around both of my lungs is gone. That was probably a result of my infection and being so sick. However there is one smaller spot around a lymph node that has grown. It is that spot that is probably giving me the trouble with my voice.

Besides that one spot my lungs are clear, so that is pretty good news. My med onc seems very hopeful that the one spot can be dealt with through radiation. So I have an appt next week with my radiation oncologist to see if he thinks it is doable. I am not currently on any other treatment. My med onc says we will see if the radiation is doable and then go from there but she sure seemed optimistic about getting rid of the one spot. So, I am currently optimistic as well.

My back pain is still pretty bad but I am dealing with that. I have an appt with a neurologist next week to see if there is anything that can be done. I am not as hopeful about that and will probably just need to learn to live with the pain.

I will take all of that for as close to good news as it gets. And hopefully next week be reporting in that the radiation is doable.

Thanks all for your continued support


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Overall, it does sound like a fairly good report. Hopefully, radiation is doable and knock that one little bugar outa there.

I did not realize that you were no longer on the Tarceva. How long have you been off of it? Why did they take you off??

Hugs - Patti B.

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The lung news doesn't sound that bad. Here's hoping they can do something for your back pain. I have lower back disc issues, and can testify to the fact that back pain can really be debilitating. I hope yours is better soon.

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Sandra, that mixed bag sounds pretty good considering what you've been through lately. Let us know how it goes with the radiologist.

When I was quite young I doctored for years for chronic leg and back pain. I finally asked a cousin who had plebitis how she managed with six kids. She gave me advice I've never forgotten: When it hurts, sit down and put your feet up and rest. I've not always heeded her advice but when I did, it worked every time! I know, it's hard for an energizer bunny LOL. Hope you get some relief real soon but in the meantime....

Judy in Key West

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Sandra - Know that we are all optimistic with you and praying that you can have radiation to blast the remaining spot away. I wish you still weren't having such pain with your back and hopefully that will be something the neurologist can deal with.

Enjoy your weekend away my friend - "see ya" when you get back!



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