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Blessings for the New Year

Heather J

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We just returned from my Mother's appointment with the results of her CT scan of the brain and chest. I'm happy to say that there is no sign of the cancer anywhere. This is wonderful news and there hasn't been a moment gone by where I haven't felt totally blessed.

Thanks to all who said prayers. This is certainly the way I wanted to begin the New Year.

Love to all,

Heather J

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Congratulations on the very wonderful news you and your mother have received. Its news like this that make our very difficult voyage bearable and whenever one of us starts to lose a little faith, we can point to Heather and just say......... Look Her mom did it!

God Bless us All!!

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These are really wonderfull news.I wish you the best for your mother.

These great news also give hopes for all, going to the same.

God Bleess your mother and all your family, and I wish you really have a great New Years celebration.


FInished 6 cycles of carboplatin-gemzar on sept. 6 2003

CT for chest and pelvic on Jan 8, 2004

mammogram detected samall nodule in my L breast

waiting for lumpectomy

Need all your prayes

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