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Staus Quo! Great News!


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Last Friday was my consult with the Onc. The only change has been in my right hip where they thought was a new metastasis. This scan it had disappeared. The only thing going is very low level activity in my left hip and femur which has always been there and they are not sure if it is inflammation or cancer activity. They have bumped me out to every three month checks instead of two.

They also rewrote my consult for neuro since the radiologist still states he sees de-myelenation (deteriorate of the myelin sheath around the nerves in the brain) and no cancer mets seen.

So as far as SCLC is concerned, I am considered NED stiill. I'll take it and work on the head issues until I get to see the neuros and we can discuss this further.

Still counting my blessings!


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