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It followed me home...

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Looking good Bud! Is that your Christmas present? What a beauty. And don't laugh Ned, I had rearview mirrors on my old bike and just can't feel safe without them. Haven't been able to find them to buy again--they had long curved chrome tubes that really got them out there and gave a good view of the road behind me.

Judy in KW

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Yes, mirrors are even more important on a recumbent bike, since you can't easily turn around to see behind you. I have a mirror on my helmet.

The bike is a RANS XStream, and Rose rides one just like it. A friend said that we're now the Dos XStreamos............LOL.

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Judy, Rose has had her XStream for a while. It was a prototype before the bike went into production, and was test ridden for an extended time by a couple of friends of mine (four of us made a trip to the RANS factory in Hays, Kansas, to pick it up). When it came time for it to be sold, I got a good deal on it, and it was perfect for Rose's first fast bike. She loves it. Her bike is 3 1/2 inches shorter than the production bikes ended up being, and wasn't quite long enough for someone with long legs like me to get the optimum recline while riding, or else I may have been tempted to buy it for myself.

My bike was one of four bikes used by the RANS 4 man race team at RAAM in 2009. A friend bought it shortly after the race, and he just sold it to me.

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