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New Day, New Attitude


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Had my follow-up with the onc yesterday. Was not really expecting good news but she says stable to somewhat improved. My cancer is hard to measure but she's going with somewhat improved. I'm over the top. There is still fluid so I have to watch that better this time lol. So I stay on the taxotere, not fun but I have a good feeling about it kicking this back again. Had to let you all know. This has done wonders for my feeling of well-being.

Judy in KW

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Judy, Judy, Judy!!! I was waiting for this one and I posted on the air last night, but this news deserves another post... I'm "over the top" with you. This is great news. Just wish the Taxotere would go a little easier on you. We know with chemo that sometimes, you just have to give in and rest because it has a big job to do and your body needs extra energy too. Take care of yourself and don't try to over do. I'm praying for the good news to continue to get better and better.



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Hoorah Judy has refound her smile,I just knew it wouldnt be long,what a trooper-the show must go on.I am so pleased for you the feedback is brill.Now lets get to work in ditching these Oxygen bottles.

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