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Well here we go again


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Hi friends,

Thanks for the crossed fingers and prayers today as I went into my appointment.

There are two confirmed tumors, very fortunately in the same lobe close to each other. The first tumor is now 8 mm from 3. The other one is 6mm. Both are still very small, but the emergence of the 2nd one and the growth of the first one has the doctor on high alert now.

He wanted me to have a biopsy immediately, but I told him no poking into my body without a PET scan. So I'll have the PET scan in the next few days, and either a biopsy or surgery to remove a partial or all of my left upper lobe. It just depends on the tests and how they all come out.

He didn't want to comment on follow up chemo or treatment since he is very concerned about the 2nd tumor popping up out of no where.

He wants me to have another colonoscopy too. I had a Mammo this summer, so he wants to look that one up too.

So....there we go.....

I'm okay. This life is a journey, and it's taking on a new path and we will see where it goes.

MI Judy

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Hi Judy,

I am so sorry to read of your results,I knew you had some previous suspicion of such a scenario,never the less,it has come as such a disapointment to me.

I wish you well,that subsequent treatments will be effective against these small tumours.Please dont worry,we are all here to support you.Best wishes and all my love.

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O.k., let's take a deep breath and wait for those other pesky tests. Think the onc is correct not wanting to discuss treatment until all the data is in. Of course I'm the chemo queen not eligible for surgery so I hope you can avoid that. It's a quandry, isn't it, surgery feels so much more final when they can cut it out. But who wants to be cut. I'm rambling Judy because I'm very tired. Hang in there. We're here for you wherever the journey takes you.

Judy in KW

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Thank you friends! Your responses are awesome.

Last night I looked for my old journal that I kept when I went through this stuff four 1/2 years ago. It's strange that I've looked for it in the past and could not find it. Last night I went into the office and there it was on top of one of my piles.

Now I wish I didn't find it. Time and good pain meds erase memories (kind of LOL). But I documented the whole thing, and last night it was rough reading.

I don't believe in coincidences, so there must be a reason I was to find that and read it. I guess I'll be better prepared now. Or maybe it was to remind me to keep my eyes on bigger stuff than me, and trust in God and rely on Him to get me through this.


Judy in MI

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Hi Judy! This is my first day back on the boards in over a year and here you are .... I'm sorry you have to deal with this again, but we know there are more options now than before. Thank God.

And yes, you did find your journal suddenly for a reason ...


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