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Welcome Books, I am sorry to hear the news. My mother was also diagnosed on November, stage 4. When it began I didn't think my family would be able to get through, but we have had a lot of positive news and a great support group. Please, no matter what, see more than one Dr. The fisrt Oncologist my mother went to basiclly sent her home to die. The second, who is at Dana Farber, only concentrates on the fact that there are survivors, and why can't my mother be one fo them. It was such night and day, I keep thinking about what we would be doing right now if we didn't get a second opinion. Its only been a short time, but my mother looks and feels better than she has in years (she had a thyroid problem that was causing her to feel ill until she has been under such constant care) She has gained weight, she goes out more, takes herslf to radiation and chemo, and is ready to fight.

My question is, and maybe someone can answer it, how can it be so long and they dont know what stage it is? I think I am confused about the different stages and how they determine staging.

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Welcome Books.

As you can see by my signature, I can appreciate what you are experiencing with the mets. Maintain a dood, positive attitude and it will take you a long way. As you see I am approachin two and 1/2 years of lung cancer. I am evidence one can survive. I am sure Connie B will answer this also and she is goiong into her 9th year.

Use this board to keep us updated, for support, to give support, and rant and rave about anything.

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Hi Books,

Sorry you have to be here, but at least you have another family. I am sorry that your mom has this awful disease. Please come here often and ask questions or just to vent frustrations. You will find comfort here as well as caring and knowledgeable people. Please keep us posted on how your mom is doing. I will add her to my prayers...

God Bless


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