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5th radiation treatment


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HI everybody,

I just competed my 5th round of WBR and found out from the radiation oncologist that he prefers to wait a full month after treatment ends to do an MRI to check results. Maybe I am in too big a hurry to join the Empty Head Club but I want to know sooner than that.Any thoughts on this?He said that the full month would allow for more accurate and stable results.I had just not talked about it before with him and had assumed that the MRI would be done right away after the last treatment.I am getting 15 treatments by the way.Thanks.Prayers and love to you all.TBone and family 8)

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Hey T-Bone!

An even TEN to go, a THIRD of the way there - TWO HANDS to go!! (I began a countdown when doing radiation - it helped to stress how much I was finished with in fraction form and what was left in days - especially the last two weeks! - small party when down to single digits, another when counted on JUST ONE HAND...)

I don't know how the head stuff goes, if there's swelling that they want to clear up before taking the Polaroids (is that a disease those white bears get from sitting on the ice too long???) or what - but a day off in a month is a good thing, too! Make plans to go out for lunch afterward, or just some fried ice cream at the local Chi-Chi's... :wink:

Way to fly through the crash course in cramming! WA-HOOOOO!

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Hey, T,

just wanted to echo Becky and wish you luck- your 1/3rd of the way through!!!!

I am not sure of the WBR, thing. I know that my dad had Gamma Knife, and they, also, waited a month after the procedure for his first post-GK MRI. I also believe it is to allow for any swelling, etc. to go down.

I know that there are others here who have more similar experiences to yours, just wanted to let you know that I'm with ya! Take care, and I am sure that the Empty-Head Club is reserving a spot for you!!!

Take care, Deb

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Hey Tbone,

It takes a little while for the cells to die, and for the rest of the body's clean up crew to get rid of the debris. Otherwise you won't see the shrinkage. Meanwhile, it will be dying off and crumbling ( power of positive visualization..) a bit at a time, just need to get enough gone to document well.

Glad you're into treatment already, and almost halfway thru.

You're in our prayers.

I wish I lived closer, I'd crawl for your sister's gumbo!!



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Yep TBone;

Me and you be lightin up the night sky with our glowin heads!! :shock::shock:

Just sent you back a pm, I'm doing 20 treatments by the way so I'll be waitin a bit longer than you. I figure I'll need the RR time anyway so I have already told the wife I'm going fishing in March. I need something to look forward too if ya get my drift. Just keep prayin for the strenght!!

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

PET taken 1/5 - hot spot in mediastinum May be cancer??

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!" :)

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HI all,

I just realized that today was actually my 7th treatment.I lost two days somewhere in translation.Thanks for the support.And I can tell now that I do need to work on patience.I got a bad start on that when diagnosed during the holidays.Nobody was working and I wanted to be fixed ASAP.Praying for you all I am.TBone :lol:

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Don't feel bad. I lost count for a couple of days during PCI myself, lol. I blamed it on the "short term memory loss" that they said could be a side effect. My Dr. is waiting a month before he does an MRI of my head also to be sure things have clamed down. Sounds like this is pretty common.

God Bless,


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I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but I'm not so great in the "patience department", either. And while I'm at it, the short term memory isn't all it once was. We just have to adjust to the idea that we have to write lots of reminder notes, then we have to remember to READ them. :wink: I've considered delegating the job of reminding me to read the notes to a family member, but reconsidered as I'm afraid they would view this as a license to nag me about all kinds of things I CHOOSE not to remember. :)

Fay A. PS thanks for the offer of letting Clan TBone wrestling down the infamous ED. I figure between you guys and my friend, Guido, ED doesn't stand a chance.

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I imagine the wait is because the radiation continues to do its magic even after treatments are completed. Ive never had PCI, but did have radiation. I had to wait a month to have a CT, but was given an x-ray imediately following treatment. Unfortunately, that doesn't work to well for brain scans. The MRI is probably the most expensive test, so the docs will use it selectively ad wisely. We are all praying for clear scans for you T-bone!!!!


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Well, T-Bone, I'm glad you realized that you'd actually had 7 treatments, cause when I saw your original post, I KNEW better! (I counted over and over again, and couldn't make it 5 to save my life!) But far be it for me to argue with my big brother . . . however, I did consider coming down there and whooping your butt if you'd skipped one!

And to the rest of y'all - don't let T-Bone fool you with all that "lack of patience" talk. Granted, he once had a serious problem with it, but he's made some giant strides in the last several months - thank God! But I just talked to his wife (they're on their way to his 8th treatment), and she sounds like she's loaded for bear today! Perhaps she needs a double dose of that Xanax! Coddle her, T-Bone, coddle her!!

Love ya,


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I was dx right before Thanksgiving, so I know what you mean about the

Holidays. Anyway regarding the radiation treatments, they have to allow time for any swelling from the radiation to goe away, and take heart, my 3 tumors in my brain shrunk 50% after 15 rounds of radiation, so my visualization while laying on the table helped as I thought die you _____,

die!! :)

So hang in there, this is just the beginning of the battle and everyone's battle is different. Wishing you the best of luck

Any questions feel free.


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