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My name is Sandra. Told by GP I had a 2.3 cm nodule in upper right lung. This showed up in a CT scan. I am awaiting an appointment for a PET scan. I am an asthmatic and an 11 year breast cancer survivor! My world has been turned upside down. Thought I was done with cancer and I am praying I still am. But, I am very concerned! 

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Hi, Sandra,

I just had a lobectomy for a nodule on my lung (upper left lobe) that turned cancerous.  I'm sorry you have to go through a SECOND battle with cancer.  Keep your fingers crossed, though--the PET scan may be reassuring--it was in my case.  The ONLY thing that lit up was the one bad nodule.  I'm hopeful that the surgery will be IT for treatment, but will be meeting with an oncologist next week to discuss.

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Thank you for your support. No diagnosis yet so therefore I am thinking the worst but praying for the best!

Praying for you??

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Be concerned.  A lung nodule can be a serious thing, or it may be nothing. Here is my go-to-easy-to-read resource on pulmonary lung nodules.

No one should have to endure two cancer diagnosis but lung cancer is quite different from breast cancer in a number of important ways.  While your start down the diagnostic trail, you might want to review this information to acquaint yourself with lung cancer nomenclature.  Hopefully, the nodule will turn out to be of the harmless variety, but I believe knowledge is power and understanding mitigates fear.

I truly hope the nodule turns into something not lung cancer.  But if you've got questions about diagnostic testing and procedures, this is the place to ask.  Welcome here!

Stay the course.


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