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I'm waiting for results from my routine 6-month CT scan. I didn't feel anxious before the scan, only a little bit the same day, but now, 2 days later, I'm craving DONUTS, lots of donuts. A sure sign of anxiety. I need to go outside and get some exercise. Send peaceful energy if you have any to spare. Thanks.

Bridget O

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Thought I'd be having the usual every 3 months scans then saw doc yesterday and he said he wanted them again in 2 months this time. Which means I'll be having them once again in 2 weeks. My scanziety had actually improved some with time and prayer, but for some reason this unexpected set of scans coming rattled me. So, back to lots of prayer and some drawing. May even try some exercise though still not sure how my hip will tolerate it. Haven't got any peaceful energy to send right now Bridget, but letting you know you aren't alone. 

Judy M

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Hugs and good thoughts (sorry, I have to tell myself all the time that food doesn't help, lol)!  I have my next scan coming up next Tues, with the follow-up visit to oncologist the week after.  And I JUST made an appointment, for the same day as the oncologist, to have all my upper teeth extracted and a full set of implants placed.  I had the bottom teeth done a couple of weeks ago.  I actually called the dentist when the surgery was rescheduled to the date of my appointment to get scan results, to give him a heads-up--just so I don't get hit with a big financial penalty for canceling if there should be a problem with the scan.  It feels a little bit like I'm jinxing myself--OTOH, it's best not to let fear of the "what-ifs" take over your life.  I'm so excited about getting a new smile and I'm even thinking of some light cosmetic surgery next year.  Investing in myself, ya know?

Donuts would sure be CHEAPER....

Hang in there--I'm right behind ya.

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Thanks to everybody for the support. It really helps to know I'm not alone in this. I just got my scan results--NED! Yay! The donuts are safe now, hopefully for the next 6 months.  Lexiecat, I don't envy you having that dental work done. I might envy your set of bright new teeth though. I'm working on keeping mine but the older I get the more of a challenge it is. I have an appointment later this month to have a crown taken off to see if the tooth underneath can be saved and recrowned or extracted. I was going to suggest to you dental anxiety as a substitute for scanziety, but maybe I should have suggested it to myself! I'm not generally anxious about dental, though. Or not very-- it doesn't compete wiith waiting for scan results. Best wishes for your new teeth!

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Yay!!  I never thought I'd be so attached to a NED, did you?  :)  

My dental life has been a nightmare--quite literally, I dream of my teeth falling out--for my entire adult life.  At this point my own teeth have given me so much trouble I'm not that sorry to say goodbye--at least as long as I've got a good alternative.  It's costing an arm and a leg, but it will be worth it.

Anyway, hopefully eager anticipation for the dental work will overshadow (or at least tone down) the anxiety over the scan result.  Can't wait to be able to put it all behind me for another six months.  The first round of dental work on the lower jaw wasn't so bad.  I looked pretty horrifying the next day (even more swollen than during the height of my post-surgical crepitus!), but there was little pain and the swelling/bruising lasted only a few days.  It will be a few months till I get the FINAL teeth, but after this next procedure the hard part will be over and done with.

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WONDERFUL!  I just love to hear about clean scans!  

I just got news of a really neat forthcoming event.  My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter are coming to visit.  We are having a grand reunion dinner at a fine restaurant with my Thoracic Surgeon (now retired) and his wife.  Life, it seems is full of connections.  My Thoracic Surgeon not only performed very complex surgery on me but was instrumental in arranging two very complex brain tumor operations for my daughter. So, we've got lots to celebrate.

So it seems NED is an opportunity for joy in my life.  I'd at least have one donut!

Stay the course.



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