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In February, I went to see the broadway musical, The Band's Visit.

The lyrics to one of the songs continues to run through my head. You will all understand why, so I'm posting the lyrics here. 


The Band's Visit the Musical - Waiting Lyrics

Waiting. What's new here?
You're waiting, I'm waiting
'Cause that's what we do here
Same as we do every day
For something, I don't know, to happen
No, just something different to happen
Just waiting for something to change
Just a change

Sometimes it feels like we're moving in a circle
Around and around with the same scenery going by
But no one's complaining
We're experts at waiting

Time's like a river sometimes
Time's like an ocean
The sofa is my boat
And I'm just drifting right along

Time is like syrup (Just waiting for something)
And I'm the bug stuck (To happen for)
In the syrup (Anything to happen)
Just trying to find out  (Waiting to find out)
What I'm doing wrong (What I'm doing wrong)

You know what I think
There's two kinds of waiting
There's the kind where you're expecting something new
Or even strange
But this kind of waiting, you keep looking off out into the distance
Even though you know the view is never going to change
You wait....

Waiting, for something
For anything to happen
Just waiting for anything to

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Thanks Michelle!

They called to say that due to a paperwork glitch I won't begin until tomorrow. So, I'm waiting, as usual!

I'll try to update on how it's going once I begin. Treatment (after tomorrow) will be every Tuesday and then I go back in on some Weds for more labs.

It's combo-Personal Cancer Vaccine + Tecentriq!




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This sounds like a really exciting trial.  I’m hoping the results are successful and what is learned can be applied to the other “mutants”.  

Spool up your Bellaruth CD.  We need those nasty little cells to die.  

Thanks for paving the way forward for us! 


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One treatment down-Seven to go!

It was an eleven hour day but now I understand why they make you wait 6 hours after the infusion.

Apparently the side effects kick in about 4 hours after the infusions, which is what happened with me.

Luckily, it all got under control with additional drugs and I was allowed to go home.

I'm anticipating this may be my body's response each time, but at least now I know what to expect.

Being on a clinical trial that is Phase Ib means that they are learning every step of the way.

As Tom so eloquently said, I'm anticipating that this kills those cancer cells and makes them stay away!!

I'll keep updating!

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes!

Best to all,



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Wow Ro!  You’re an Iron Lady.  Thanks for keeping us updated- it’s very interesting. What type of side effects did you experience?  Let us know how you’re doing a day or two later.  All my “mutant” friends are hoping for a great outcome.  

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Side effects update: since they are now pre-treating for some of the known side effects in advance, it seems better. When I get home, I run a fever and just take Tylenol.

Usually there is extreme fatigue the day after and then just general fatigue the second day. Mainly, remembering to take breaks and to not overdo it seems to help. I think fatigue is related to many factors but I've heard from others that being tired is quite common.

I'll keep updating!! I would say the hardest part is that you have to wait about 6 hours after the infusions for side effects. So you are basically at the hospital for 10-11 hours, mostly in bed although you are allowed to get up and move around within the area. It's definitely hard for someone as active as I am, and with both arms having IV's coming out of them, coloring isn't an option. You feel too tired to read...Anyone have any other ideas for ways to entertain myself, other than tv, or watching a movie on my laptop, I am open to suggestions.

Best to all,



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Hey Ro-

I get that type of fatigue on my inhibitor. Some days reading the newspaper is too tiring and I can’t focus.  When I’m that tired I put in my meditation CDs or I listen to my “Insight Timer” free app for 30 minutes.  

After The meditation I feel a bit better. The breathing exercises from Dr Weill 3-7-8 sometimes works.  

Keep us posted!


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Rower Michelle,

Yes, I use the insight timer at night. There are a few very relaxing meditations on there. I have gotten into some basic yoga that works on breathing and opening up the spine (since that's an area that I need to focus on post surgeries)...I think the hardest part of the fatigue is that I work all day with children. Weekends are easier...Once school gets out, I think I'll be able to manage the fatigue better...it will look more like treatment day to rest day to beach day...repeat beach day as much as possible!! I think that will do the trick!!




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