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Happy day


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Today, Earl and I went to one of our customers (we have a computer software company which has basically been on hold since he got sick in 9/02). This customer is about 2 hours away so Earl had a long ride. When we got there they had a big welcome back celebration for Earl. Banners and tons of food. And EVERY woman in the place came out to hug him.

He could only stay a few hours because he gets so tired. But he felt so very good about getting back to some work and said "I had no idea they liked me so much"

Yes it is a HAPPY DAY.

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Ginny and Earl, that was great!!

These kind of trips and outings make everything else seem so small. Things like a trip to the zoo or mall that we used to take for granted are now realized how wonderful they really are. Maybe the whole world could do with some of these feelings and everything would be a little more important.

With my Father-in-law (Katieb's Dad), we used to not go anywhere at all together and now we do everything together!! Its like everyone needs to stop and smell the roses. If I was looking for 1 positive from the disease, this would be it.

Earl , Ginny, Keep it up...


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