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Its cold in Dallas...


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Well, we get snow for about 4 hours each year. This was a little unexpected.

We have received 4 inches overnight and it should be gone by 2pm or so. Not too bad to have it to enjoy for a few hours then gone again with clear roads and temperatures at 55 or so...

Its the Texas weather..

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No snow shovel here.. Its been 5 hours since I awoke to the snow and its about 65% gone already .. Temp is now at 36 degrees and the snow has just lasted long enough for 1 good snowman and a couple of snowball fights. We should be completely non-white in a couple of hours.. I wish I was a doctor in Texas with the weather like it is... Snow one minute and clear and sunny the next...

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My family and I lived in Las Vegas, NV for 10 years and one winter we got about 2 1/2 inches of snow. I took the kids outside and we made a snow man with every snowflake in our yard and 2 of the neighbors yards. We went in the house for lunch and a truck with 3 or 4 people in it came by and the people STOLE our snowman!!!!! How do you report THAT to the police???

God Bless,


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I lived in Dallas the winter of 1982-83 don't rmemeber much snow, but when the roads got slippery the Dallasites took it personal I think. A friend was a plumber and when the temperature plummeted he made a killing thawing frozen pipes, he he we have heated basements here in the frozen north. Hunter looks happy!

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Minus 26 degree today,

Snow banks from cleaning the snow in the parking lot

about 10 feet high and huge.

On the galleries most people have snow the height of

the guard rail 3 1/2 feet (I clean mine)

I don't have a cold YET, but tired of all that white stuff.

Enjoy passing snow, beautiful pictures.

Thank you for the report


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And your point is..............

We have had over 12 inches of snow lying the ground for over 3 weeks in Wisconsin. I would be glad to load up a frezzer truck and ship you a semi load if you so desire. As a matter of fact, I'll send the truck to Connie first, fill it half up with Minnesota snow, then the other half with Wisconsin snow.

I also noticed you have a dog running around. Now, as a person who has been around snow for 57 of my 60 years (I spent 3 years in Hawaii), I must caution you: DO NOT EAT YELLOW SNOW

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Hey Katie,

Me be sarcastic???? :shock::shock::shock::oops: Gotta admit though, am getting pretty envious of your warm weather. :roll: It's a whopping 14 above here today!!! But, the heat wave is on it's way. Looking like we're going to hit the 30's in the next day or so..... Then watch us get dumped on! :x Oh Well, if we didn't have the snow and cold to witch about what else is there??? (it's raining, it's to chilly, it's to hot, it's to humid)! Can't fret the small stuff!

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Rick and Katie, we're finallly snow free here!!!! Only the parking lots have mounds of snow, which will be there until well into March, or even April I guess. Sorry Hunter has a cold, but he looks like he enjoyed the snow. Great pictures!

Speaking of pictures:

Tiny, what a HANDSOME COUPLE!!!! Love the new Picture!

DaveG, you look younger and younger with every new pic :shock: ! What is your secret :? ? Botox? Talk about an EXTREME MAKEOVER! :lol::lol: No, really, what a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!

Take care, guys. I'm hoping for spring to be sprung on us really soon. This has been one cruddy winter, and it can't end soon enough for me. Take care, my friends, Deb

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