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Surgery recovery going well, but auto accident sets me back


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Dear friends, thanks again for your support.  I was making good progress from the May 22 right lung middle lobectomy and then a set back due to auto accident yesterday (7-26-2019).  No one else was injured, thankfully.  Emergency room did CTs of entire body; nothing broken; chest contusions, fortunately not in area of surgery.  Have pain but expect it to heal.  Good news is that the lung CT indicated no change to the nodules identified prior to the surgery & no new nodules.  The surgeon had planned for PET/CT in Sept with follow up with him late Sept.  We'll see what the PET shows.  I am not up for more surgery & don't know if it would be advised anyway.  I'm down in the dumps because of this accident.  I may have blacked out just prior to the crash, as I apparently went thru a stop sign that I don't even recall seeing.  In fact, I have very little recollection of the accident & can't figure out how it occurred.  The car is totaled.  Hubby has been wonderful.  I've been a wreck (pun intended).  Was doing much better -- even going to the gym for treadmill, etc.  So it's one step forward & 2-3 backward.  Well, I'm 76 & now have decided to give up driving altogether.  Hubby will do the driving, take me to store, beauty shop, etc.  Hate the thought, but simply don't want to drive anymore.  Thanks for "listening"


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Hi Irene, 

Thank God you were not injured in the wreck!  Don't be so hard on yourself, you had major surgery and a move to a new community all at the same time.  It's probably best that you do not remember the accident (who wants to hear the sound of crunching metal before you fall asleep at night???).   My Mom gave up driving at the age of 76 following her treatment for endometrial cancer.  I think the chemo brain made her nervous driving on urban NJ roads.  The BEST news was the CT scan.  Now that's something to celebrate; lungs look good!!! 

Each day, keep going forward no matter what.  The Beatles got it right- that accident was soooo Yesterday!    Hang in there!  Hugs, 



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I am sorry to hear about your car crash - I just crashed into our garage the other day, backing into my stall...no excuses for me, the only thing hurt is the car and my pride! lol  One positive thing that has come from all of this is your CT shows your lung cancer is stable...great work!  Being down in the dumps is understandable, you are not only grieving the change in lifestyle due to lung cancer, but now your chosen change in no longer driving.  Lots of changes...not all for the good.

A funny story about driving...I have always said that my mom will not die of lung cancer, she will die from my aunt driving her to and from treatment.  During my mom's first bout of lung cancer treatment, her older sister drove her everyday to radiation.  I would typically call when they were on their way home from treatment and I would often hear my mom yelling her sister's name because she had cut someone off or drove into someone else's lane accidentally.  Luckily nothing bad happened and since, my aunt decided to give up driving for the most part, but it did make me question the choice in having my aunt drive my mom to her appointments! lol 

Take Care,


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Thank you, each & everyone of you, for your encouraging, kind words.   I'm working hard to keep moving, although my spirits fall and/or my anger flares from time to time.  One other positive, I suppose is that we were "forced" to buy a new car.  It's nice & now my husband does all the driving!!! 

Thanks again.  Your support means everything to me!


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