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Hello everyone. This is my first time here. I am familiar with cancer support boards as I frequently visited MPIP (melanoma board) for support the past six months--my sister passed away last Wednesday from the beast after six months of a heroic fight. She was only 37. On the day she passed away, my mother was rushed to the hospital due to stroke-like symptoms. Two brain mets were found and a craniotomy was scheduled for the following Monday. The final biopsy report isn't in (probably Mon.) but the preliminary reports state that it's non small cell carcinoma. Since it metastisized, she is an automatic stage IV. I was very happy to find this board tonight and look forward to sharing information with everyone. I realize the enormous worth this board has and truly appreciate and thank those who operate and contribute to it--thank you!

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Hi and welcome aboard,

I am so sorry that you have been hit with all this terrible stuff.You have found a great place here.I have only been here for a month or so but the support and love and compassion on this board are incredible.I have never experienced anything like it.Every time I log in it seems as if I get a "booster shot" or something that makes it so much easier to deal with this terrible disease.I pray for you and your mother.Keep us posted.Love to you all.TBone

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Great, TBone, compare us all to a poke in the butt... :wink: (SOME of us HATE needles...)

Welcome to our family, sorry to hear of so much being shoveled on yours lately. Stop in often, sit and have coffee with us or join an evening chat (Tuesday - 8:00P EST, Wednesday, - 9:00P EST). Don't bothering testing the water with your big toe, jump right in!


aka Snowflake

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