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Hi I’m new on here I thought I had been on here but I guess I have not. I was diagnosed in 2012.I was diagnosed with stage 1 adenocarcinoma I had  L Upper lobe lung thoracotomy. In 2017 I was diagnosed with a reoccurrence! I had proton therapy in PHILA. @ U of PENN. In late 2018 they found suspicious activity on my R lung I was put on steroids and antibiotics which didn’t clear it. A biopsy was done at Memorial Sloan Kettering. In April 2019I have EGFR deletion 19 I was started On Tagrisso 80 mg. All my scans have been stable. I am a member of Gilda’s Club of South Jersey. They have been a great support and I would hope my participation with the organization has been supportive as well. I really appreciate any support from everyone !we are warriors in the same fight ! 

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Hi Valerie!

Welcome to the group!  I have the ALK mutation and take a drug similar to Tagrisso, I call them the happy little pills.  I was born and raised in North Jersey, there are a few others from SNJ on this forum too. I admire your spunk!  Glad to have you here! 

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Welcome Valerie. When you see hay y’all on my post you will know I am not from NJ Lol. I wish you all the luck on your treatment. You will find a lot of experienced, kind, and helpful people here.



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Welcome to the forum.  You'll find some great support here and a place to learn from others' experience.  I look forward to hearing updates from you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  BTW, like Curt I was born in NJ but lived most of my life on Long Island before moving all over finally winding up in NC.  


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Welcome Valerie!

Here is the information on the International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference (or Hope Summit). We changed the name because we expanded the agenda but it remains a unique event focused on survivors and those who care for them.

Stay the course.


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