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Good afternoon, 

Well, I met with both my Medical Oncologist and Radiation Oncologist and next week I start receiving radiation therapy (not sure if it is photon or proton therapy, as explained to me) next Tuesday which will occur for 15 consecutive days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).  Along with this I will be receiving weekly, partial doses of carboplatin and paclitaxel for these 3 weeks also.  Although, the radiation therapy is the "star" and the chemotherapies are "helpers."  Both my Radiation and Medical Oncologists seem very positive about my outcome, but the Radiation Oncologist did inform me that if 10 of them were sitting in one room, all 10 would probably have different ideas about the best treatment, especially considering my stage IV status.  Because my brain has been clean for a year and my cancer has not spread anywhere else in my body, the Oncology professionals stated that they have a better grip on the biology of my cancer one year out from initial diagnosis.  Optimally, my odds of NED are about 15 to 20%!  Although, they have assured me there will at minimum be tumor regression!

Although I am somewhat scared and anxious (as you all know how it is), I am ready for this! I do feel that I am in good hands and am grateful that radiation therapy is an option along with the chemo cocktail and insurance will pay for it!  

Thanks to everyone on this site for taking the time to read this along with your support, inspiration and helpful comments!  You all are a godsend!  Thank you, Susan Rae

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Five years ago the odds of NED were 2%.  When you think about 20%, that’s a huge increase that doesn’t take into account the current scientific advances.  With each year the oncologist’s arsenal gets a little bigger.   
Time to give that cancer a really hard time. It picked the wrong person.  Lock and load!  

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Susan Ray,

I’m impressed with your calm but complete description of your therapy. I can’t detect any fear or uncertainty in your writing. Therefore, you are of the right mind and attitude to engage your lung cancer. 

Stand up, put on your battle rattle, lock and load, and proceed to engage and defeat your cancer enemy. 

Stay the course,


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Good luck on your new plan. I always say if they present you with options - go for it!  
I think I’m always afraid of the day they say sorry no more options!

Thank goodness the treatments are always evolving and there is something new to attack this disease

You got this!  That is great news that they give you a chance for NED. 

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