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Well, hit a bug with a bumper


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Our governor, Tom Wolf, PA, has his boot on the throat of our county for some reason.

Surgery and chemo are now delayed at least a month. Both doctors called with the news this afternoon.

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Totally sucks. Totally.  I saw a few news programs about this last night.  Hoping the media pressure causes a reversal of such a  really bad policy decision.  My Mom is on on oncology inpatient unit now in NNJ, what a nightmare there, with no outpatient care available.   This admission could have been avoided entirely.   Let's pray for some common sense in PA!  

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In a world that keeps on dragging us down, I will stand my ground!  Tom Petty’s ghost could do a better job in PA.  Free Beaver County!  

PS is it a crime to like TP more than Bruce if I’m from Jersey?  Probably.  

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