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New Poll

Guest DaveG

Pick Your Favorite Animal  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick Your Favorite Animal

    • Small Dog
    • Big Dog
    • Small Cat
    • Large Cat
    • Horse
    • Pony
    • Cow
    • Bull
    • Parrott
    • Parakeet
    • Guppies
    • Siamese Fight Fish
    • Shark
    • Whale
    • Elephant

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As usual it is "pick on Dave". It seems as if certain people believe the poll I started is bias. Now I ask, would I run a bias poll :?::?::?:

Therefore I have devised another pol which I am sure will find is totally unbiased.

The poll is: Pick your favorite animal

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Ok, I sense a definite bias here!!!

I notice there are no Marsupials on your list. Is that because you feel they are a subclass of animal? I mean, come on, who doesn't love the mole, or yes, even the trendier kangaroo.

This is total discrimination, and this poll is completely politically incorrect. Where is Reverend Jessie Jackson when you need him? Can I get an "Amen"

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Trendy? You want sharpton, not jackson.

And why not qualify In the house? Out of the house? In a bowl?

I like big dogs, and horses and siamese fish but for very different reasons. I would not want a dog in the fish bowl, a horse on the bed, or the fish in the straw out in the barn for obvious reasons....

come on , guys, you're slipping.

I vote we recognize Dave's little dog as a little dog, and tell him she's okay, she (he) can stay as long as she (he)'s quiet......


I can like more than one animal at a time if I want to.

My dogs died and landlord says I can't have dogs where I am now.. :roll:

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Yeah, yeah, I voted for small dog, forgot to look who had put the poll together.

But my real vote would have been for dead cat.

We have TC(The Cat) who will be 22 on April Fools Day. TC has lived too long and forgets where the litter box is. TC also has many of the same side effects that the Duke has with Iressa.

So my vote is for dead cat.


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C'mon, guys!

I like my dogs big (Mikey is 62 lbs. My last dog, Samantha the rottie, was 100 lbs.) I like my cats big - the smallest one I ever had was 12 lbs. when not fat. I love horses and ponies - someday I'll get one of my own.

We also have 2 guinea pigs which live in Danny's room (he's almost 4). Nice kids pets, low-maintenance lap-buddies.

I've also had gerbils and hamsters. Almost got a pet skunk as a kid.

I must admit, I envy the owners of small dogs who get to take them shopping in a bag.

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