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Diet & Supplements

Lisa B

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I am wanting to hear from people what if any cancer fighting diet plan they have followed? What supplements do you take?  I am looking at adding a few things to my cancer fight above and beyond chemo and immunotherapy.  

I have read many articles about cancer preventing foods, foods not to eat and many different diet plans.  I have not been eating as healthy as I should and pre-cancer I participated in Weight Watchers a couple of times which was successful.  I tried the KETO diet but it was difficult for me to stay compliant.  I would like to begin a diet that has some science behind it and shown to help fight cancer.  I do take daily a chinese Herb- Qing Hao as a tea. 

I appreciate hearing from everyone!

Thanks! Lisa

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I've been dealing with lung cancer for over three years, and there is no "cancer fighting" special diet. You should eat a good, healthy, balanced diet to the extent possible--some chemo patients have a hard time stomaching food and for them, the professionals recommend nutritional drinks if tolerable, and as many calories as possible. 

As far as supplements go, check with your oncologist or an oncological nutritionist. My oncologist told me to cut out extra Vitamin C and Fish Oil because there was research to suggest those could be harmful. My oncologist has OK'd the few supplements I take, which are all for other conditions. Calcium/Vitamin D for osteoporosis; Lutein/Zeaxanthin for my eyes (at-risk for macular degeneration). He also OK'd a basic multivitamin.

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I too believe that you can just eat a balanced and healthy diet (i.e., lots of fruits and veggies, limit large amounts of red meat, whole grains, etc.).  Good general health also depends on a practical physical routine as well as sleep and maintaining some sense of serenity.  So, food is a part, but as Lexie said, "there is no cancer fighting diet", regardless of what some people will tell you.  Balanced diet, exercise, adequate rest and serenity are probably the best things you can do to keep a healthy immune system and allow your body to take care of itself well.


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When I was diagnosed I sought out the help of a board certified integrative medicine physician who was also an oncologist.  I learned early on that there are many different types of lung cancers and diet/nutrition/supplements need to be tailored to your diagnosis.  Now many of these doctors accept insurance but I paid a substantial amount of money out of pocket to get a regime I was comfortable with and I also got a second opinion    

You can find a doctor here:


The Diet I am following is here: 


Its been pretty easy to follow.  There are some special considerations with immunotherapy and supplements so it’s important to get a doctor who has experience with this line of therapy. 

Good luck! 

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