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How about some good LC slogans?

gerbil runner

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Let's dream up some good slogans for Rick and Katie to use in the store, or for anyone else to use in their awareness-raising issues.


How about a chemo-friendly cap saying "Lung cancer sucks" (my 12-year-old son suggested this for my mom's hair loss)

"Tobacco tax for lung cancer, not politicians pay" (Could use "settlements").

"Lung cancer is cruel and unusual punishment"

"Nobody throws away lottery tickets before the drawing. Don't give up on lung cancer."

Anyone else?

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Geez, Jen, those were GOOD! I'll have to put on my thinking cap and pick my poor brain...

"Sometimes a cough is more than a cough."

"Lung Cancer - growing in a chest near you."

"When was YOUR last chest x-ray? What you don't know can kill you."

"Lung Cancer - the ultimate random chance lottery"

"Quieter than a speeding bullet,

More powerful than six rounds of chemo,

It's a burden, it's a pain...

It's LUNG CANCER - a silent, random killer."

"Lung Cancer - a worse parasite than tapeworms."

(I know, not great...I'll have to meditate on it today and try to come up with something better...)


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Becky, the tapeworm analogy had me lol! Probably not the reaction we want, though :wink: .

One I discarded for much the same problem was "If smokers deserve lung cancer, a$$holes deserve hemorrhoids" or "If smokers deserve lung cancer, drivers deserve head-on collisions".

I always have to be on guard against foot-in-mouth disease :oops: .

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The ribbon I have is clear, but for some reason, I have it in my head that yellow is affiliated with LC? Am I crazy?

Yellow is for hostages and political prisoners and people away from home. It was the origanal ribbon, from the song "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Aound The Old Oak Tree" Clear is the color for lung cancer. Because the air we breath is clear. Hope that helps



PS. Now I will be humming that darn song all day!!!! :lol::lol::lol:

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Lung Cancer as the "invisible cancer" is WHY ALCASE chose the clear ribbon. I don't agree with it, but it's THEIR pin. I think the pin should be neon orange. It's only invisible as long as we let ourselves be pushed aside.

Snowflake Becky (hey, can I shorten that down to just "Flake"?), I like the second post contribution very much. I liked all the others as well, but some of those are special and should be shared only with close friends. :shock:

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I agree with Fay that the pin or ribbon should be a JUMP OUT EYE CATCHER color. I have the clear ribbon/pin and if you don't wear dark color clothing, no one can see it. There are other cancers that have the "INVISIBLE" slogan attached to them.

It's also like Lung Cancer Awareness Month is in NOVEMBER. That's all fine and ducky if you live in warm climate, but if you don't it's hard to have a "Walk or Run for lung cancer" during those times of the month. Not to mention, it's right behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (although, breast cancer month goes all YEAR long)! :roll::wink: I know when we did the Lung Cancer Awareness Events here in Minnesota we did them in November and we prayed for nice weather, due to all those wonderful people with lung cancer that aren't able at times to get out in the cold weather, even to come inside a warm building.

Well, I love the idea of a BRIGHT NEON ORANGE Color or even a BRIGHT GREEN color like the Open Page of Lung Cancer Survivors for Change is.

Amazing what our brains can come up with for idea's. No CHEMO BRAIN ON THIS BOARD!!! :P:P:P

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Renee (who organized the 1st LC walk in the Chicago area last Nov -- see her post by searching "walk") did something pretty cool with the "invisible ribbon" idea -- she hung up a huge white banner with the outline of a ribbon on it and had everyone at the walk sign their name on it so that they would no longer be invisible. She will now be hanging it up at this year's walk along with another blank one to fill in.

Isn't that amazing?

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What a great topic Jen and some great ideas...

How about shock value, to promote early detection...

Lung Cancer- its only a breath away

I like the Cancer Sucks ones also (call me crazy :lol::lol: ) and really anything that denotes a Lung Cancer Survivor. I think that its important to get the word out that there are actually people alive that have this disease. As crazy as it sounds, I never knew that!!!

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Your comment about let's show them that people are ALIVE from this disease is SOOO VERY TURE, NOTHING CRAZY ABOUT IT! The world needs to know that we have a LOT of SURVIVORS of lung cancer amoung us. Society always looks at Lung Cancer with: You get lung cancer and you DIE. Not ALWAYS the case! So, I'm with you. Let's let people know this crud can be beat and we DO SURVIVE IT! Good One Debi.

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The ribbon is clear with gold borders. Also I bought my wife an expensive version, which is white with gold borders. I have also seen actual "ribbons" which are clear with gold borders. Besides the one available from ALCASE, which are larger now, then the original ones, the other ribbons are somewhat larger and easier to see. Last year for the golf outing I had a donor for shirts for those participating who were survivors/patients, caregivers, family members, Lung Cancer Health Professionals, and surviving family members of those who lost their battle with lung cancer. The shirts were maroon, with a 5 inch white ribbon with gold borders, embroidered on the left front of the shirt.

In addition, I found a jeweled Lung Cancer Ribbon in a jewelry store, that was actual diamonds. It sold for over $500. I inquired as whether part of the price was being donated for lung cancer research. The answer was no. I told the jewler that if he would sell the ribbon for that price and donate 50% to lung cancer research, he would probably sell many ribbons. He didn't go for the idea.

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How 'bout BRIGHT NEON colors (pink, blue, green...or TIE-DYED) T-shirts with something like:


with Lung Cancer

IF the shirts were a DEEP, DEEP color(s), there could be a white ribbon (or a "pale" area in the shape of a ribbon) and the wording could be bold and right across the chest....

Back of the shirt could read: ....and still waiting for a cure.

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