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Hello all, I had a biopsy on Tuesday and the pathology came in with a Squamous cell carcinoma in the lower right lower lobe of the lung. Have appointment with the oncologist on Monday. Don't know anything else. Just found this website and forum so here I am. Hope to learn a lot and get through this with the help of family and friends and good doctors.

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Welcome! I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but so happy you found this group of helpful and supportive people.  

Here is some information on squamous cell lung cancer: https://lungevity.org/squamous-cell-lung-cancer  It has treatment options and other information for someone recently diagnosed.  Please keep us updated on how you are doing and feel free to ask any and all questions you may have.  We are here for you!

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Hi Carole and welcome!

 Like Kristin, I'm sorry for your diagnosis, but glad you found us. Do you know whether you have a single nodule or several? Or whether you have any spread outside your lower right lobe? With cancer limited to one lobe, the treatment is often lobectomy, which is consdered the gold standard and potentially curative. I had adenocarcinoma in the right lower lobe in 2016 and had a lobectomy by VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery), which is pretty easy as surgeries go. I've been NED (no evidence of disease) ever since. I now have annual CTs since recurrence is possible.

Please let us know how you're doing and what your oncologist says. Also, let us know what questions you have and how we can support you. That's what we're here for!

Bridget O

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Welcome here.

Almost every survivor was right where you are now. But, we understand and are available to help, sustain and answer questions. I'm a 17 year survivor of Stage IIIB (restaged to IV), and I've had every form of treatment except immunotherapy. My bottom line is if I can live, so can you. Here are my suggestions for navigating our disease.

Kristin pointed you to a discussion of squamous cell on our unique Lung Cancer 101. Knowledge is power in fighting this disease and I'd encourage you to read everything in Lung Cancer 101. Then ask questions on this forum about those things you don't understand. You need to learn a new vocabulary and that is a daunting task. Here is some help.

Do bring someone along if you can to your consultation on Monday. A second set of ears to remember what was said is often very helpful. Another suggestion, ask the doctor if you can record the conversation on your cell phone. Then you can replay it later to ensure understanding and ask questions here on the forum.

Stay the course.


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Welcome to our family.  Kristen and Tom have already given you some good information and thoughts.  We'll be here as you go through your journey and we have a lot of experience to share.  For example, I also had Squamous cell carcinoma in my RLL, so I look forward to hearing more as you go through the diagnosis process.  BTW, my diagnosis was 27 months ago and my surgery was 25 months and my scans are clear and I'm still NED (No Evidence of Disease), so there is hope.  

You're not alone.  Stay in touch.


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