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CBC results


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Just saw the results of my CBC and thyroid tests. I am outside (low) on pretty much all my Reds. Also the thyroid test is really low still (just above the low normal level).

I haven't had any treatments in almost a year. Taking blood thinners and Beta blockers. It's kind of worrisome to be honest. I was always dead in the middle before the Cancer 

Any input? Ideas? I have a message in to my NP.



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It's good that your following up with your medical team on this because they know you, your case and your baselines better than any of us here would.  One thing to consider though is that cancer, treatments and such can upset the normal balance of some tests so following up with your doctor or NP is wise.  In my own case I had to have three surgeries in 18 days last month to remove very large kidney stones.  Even a couple of weeks after it was all over blood work showed my kidney levels (creatinine, BUN, etc.) were pretty far off normal and my own baseline.  It was a couple of additional weeks before they went back to normal, the doctor explained that for what I had gone through it wasn't alarming to her to see the changes in my levels.

Now, I'm not saying having my surgery is like having cancer or the cancer treatment, just that our bodies go through a lot with this disease and  your bloodwork may just be showing the body on the low side of "normal" and such now and that it is likely to return in time.  Please post the results of your conversations on this.


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I was mainly asking if blood work changes could be a sign of recurrence. Curious if anyone has experienced that.

I'm not aware of a connection but never hurts to ask!

I'll let you know what my NP says.

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Hi Tom,

One of the things we can all expect is unexplained wonky blood results.  I’m almost three years into this & can count the number of normal results I’ve had on my two hands.  
It’s hard to believe a year has gone by, what you might want to ask about in terms of surveillance blood work is having tumor markers drawn regularly.  While it’s an imperfect science right now it could bring you some peace of mind.   Experts like Ross Camidge MD are now using these blood tests.   It’s worth a discussion. 


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I agree with @Rower Michelle, my blood work has been all over the place since I started treatments. Low RBC and WBC at varying times, and still on the low end of normal. And my oncologist does test for tumor markers (CEA) every 3 months. In April, my CEA level was in the normal range at 1.8. Before treatments started, it was 120. So when I do peek at lab results on the patient portal, I can tell from my CEA level how my PET scan results will be. 

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Problem is it has been a year since my last treatment (almost to the day) and my CBC was all normal 6 months ago.

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