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It Was a Matter of Timing

Judy M2

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Through LUNGevity, Cure Magazine reached out to me last week for an interview about 9/11 and lung cancer. As a member of the 9/11 survivor community, I've always done my best to avoid each anniversary but this year I am facing 20 years head on. 

I'm posting this in LC Survivors because I am a survivor twice over. 

The link to the Cure article is below. They also interviewed Dr. Michael Crane, a medical director of the World Trade Center Health Program Clinical Center at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. The written article weaves our interviews together, but within the article there are links to our separate interviews via podcast. 


I do caution you that any discussion of 9/11 can be upsetting for some. It still is for me, and I can't read many articles being written on this anniversary. So I will understand if you'd prefer not to click through.

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Judy- thanks for doing this.  Sharing your story is important, especially knowing that you did a round in the ICU and came out on the other side.   Our stories are similar with the initial diagnosis of allergies and acid reflux…. In 2018, I was told to get my affairs in order, however the message to you was one year later in 2019, it’s not a death sentence anymore.  So yes it’s a matter of timing and want a difference that can make.   

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