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My PET Scan Adventure

Judy M2

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Preparing for a PET scan is a necessary inconvenience. No carbs for 24 hours beforehand, no coffee or tea, no strenuous exercise and only water to drink the day of. 

Today was my regular 3-month PET scan, scheduled for 7 am, the first appointment. When I arrived, the technician asked if I could reschedule for next week because the camera on the CT scanner wasn't working. Or I could wait to see if it could be fixed. So I waited for an hour while she called for technical help.

Finally the camera was fixed, so the technician gave me the radioactive glucose injection. After another 45 minutes of comfortably sitting still, we were ready to scan. I go through the scanner and thought I was ready to leave when she said we had to redo it! So I go back through the scanner  for another 25 minutes. Three hours after my appointment, I went home and had breakfast. 

But no blood tests were ordered this time, which is unusual. I made an appointment for next week to go over the scan results--but my oncologist is out sick. I expect my next appointment to be rescheduled and I'll probably have to go back in for labs. 

Thankfully I'm not subject to scanziety, and I've learned to be patient. Today was just one of those days and I'm glad it's over! 

Happy Halloween everyone! 

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I'm with Tom on this one.  If that were me I'd be going crazy waiting for results.  You are one patient lady.  Even the machine, pushed out dates and all may have brought out the NY'er in me and that is never pretty.  :)

All super thoughts going out that your scan is good.


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Judy- I have to say you managed this with grace as I would have gotten hangry and as Lexie says-- the snark factor in my would be raging......  perfect role model for the rest of us to roll with it.  I do believe in medical schools the students should be forced to follow along with us so they no what it's like to go with no food and sit for hours waiting around..... ugh.    Hats off to you for having an unshakable sense of humor! 

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I'm just happy that I wasn't one of the people after me who had their scan appointments canceled!

There is one woman in our Facebook Tagrisso group who gets her scan results in one hour, which is great for her scanziety. My scans are read off-site, so there is usually a 72-hour turnaround time anyway. 

Today my stepson is flying overseas for a long-awaited vacation, and their flight was just canceled. Now that is something I'd have little patience for. 

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