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Tis the Season


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I'm so very glad to be here for the Christmas Season. Two years ago, I was so sad and tormented. I made peace with that guy thanks to the support I've received in this world.

My next milestone is to watch my daughter walk for her BS degree in May. She has a fella now and I'm so happy to see her looking at him with a future full of plans. There's real joy there.

A couple of setbacks this past month. Extreme weakness in my arms and legs. Full-on fatigue. My potassium has plunged, and the anemia persists. I continue to lose weight (-7 lbs. in the last month). My PCP is trying new combinations of medications to get those things under control. I'm taking another course of rehab to see if I can get some of my strength back.

I still have hopes of riding that shiny new Harley-Davidson I parked in my basement with six miles on the odometer before I became ill. I want to be a rebel.

I hope the best for all of you in the upcoming year. We all need some sanity returned to us after this pandemic. I'd say we've earned it.



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Glenn, I was in the same place as you 2 years ago. I'm so glad we both made it through. 

I hope you regain your strength soon and that they figure out what's going on. You have a lot to look forward to. 

I just found out that 2022 is pronounced "2020 too", lol. I'm still staying home. Take care and Happy Holidays. 

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I'm glad your still here, both on this planet and with us on these forums. Best wishes to you and your lucky daughter. You will ride that Harley! I'll send some Harley riding vibes your way. I have some friends, a female couple of great big women who ride great big Harleys, with full leathers and the whole business. When I see or think of them, I'll visualize you along for the ride!

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Glenn  - 

I say ride that Harley to your daughter's graduation in May! i hope that your doctors get everything squared away. I've been on daily potassium for 4+ years because my numbers were way off. 

Wishing you and yours happy holidays. Looking forward to seeing you rebound in 2022.

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