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Just want to say thanks...


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It was 1 year ago today that I had my routine chest x-ray. I was not sick but mearly a check-up. My doctor saw a cloudy spot on my lung. A CT was ordered and then more tests and eventually surgery. Well everyone is familer with the rest of the story.

Due to me taking leave of absence from work put me on the internet more... :):):)

I then stumbled on this wonderful site. I would check it 1 time a day. Now I check it 3 or 4 times a day. Am I addicted or what? I don't post much but I do read all the posts. I mean ALL. I click on 'Read Post Since Last Visit" and that gives me all.

When you laugh (Snowflake) :lol: I laugh. When you cry; I cry :cry: . When you grieve; I greive. I pray for each of us daily.

I pop in Chat once in a while to say hello. I usually cut up in chat and have a good time. Sometimes after I sign off I think "should I have said that." I often feel if I made someone mad. But you know what....I go to the message board and find more laughs - sometimes bigger laugh then what I just said. Ry, I never did buy that stock in the Toilet Paper company.

Cancer is rough and hard. As Norme says "buckle your belt, you are in for a rough ride. I am doing fine at the present time. CT and chest x-ray every 6 months. Have a chest x-ray one three months and then CT next 3 months. But why do I keep coming here if I am doing good? I CARE ABOUT OTHERS. I look at posts sometimes 2 or 3 times. I could post reply but I know someone else has been there and will post. If not I will post in a day or 2.

I truely am glad to be a part of this group. I want to think each of you for careing enough to want to share with others. I am blessed to have crossed paths with each and everyone of you. Some of you truely amaze me. I would never have the courage or strength that some have.

I don't want to call names cause I'll leave someone out. Some have left us. But I have to mention 2 people... Norme and Dean. No matter what has happened in a given day, you 2 can be there to help others no matter what your day has been like. You both have been an inspiration to me. Thanks Katie and Rick. You go above and beyond in keeping this site going. Said I would not mention names so I'll shut up.

Thanks for reading this lenghty message and for putting up with me. As long as you choose to put up with me...I'll be here. :):):) .


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! One year of surviving .. no .. LIVING with this disease. That's outstanding!

And you know something? I think it's *I* who should be thanking YOU. There have been times over the last 5 months when you and the other folks here have been the only reason I've had for getting out of bed in the morning. Keep posting these "good news" posts if you can. They mean the world to me.

Again ... Congratulations on a year of living.


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Hey Bruce, this is so nice. We all think a lot of you too! I always enjoy you "cutting up" in chat. I will let you know when to get that toilet paper stock and what company to invest in soon. As soon as David A is up to driving the getaway car we're in business. :roll:

This site means so much to all of us, I have grown close to so many people here.

Take Care,


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Hey Bruce,


If your anything like I was on my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, all I could say to myself was: "that was the LONGEST YEAR OF MY LIFE"! But, I made it! :)

I wish you all the best and am glad you find much comfort on the board.

I know I do!


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I want to add my congrats on your anniversary. I see you in chat from time to time. I don't talk much there, at first because I was in shock of my dx and ALL I could think about was Lung cancer, and that's not all we talk ab out there. Anyway, keep coming to chat. I know that you are thinking of us all, so don't worry about not posting all the time. Not everyone is a poster. Probably some people get tired of me posting LOL.

How is the job search going?

Just wishing and praying for all things good for you and yours.


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Thanks Elaine. After the manager telling me how impressed he was with me and all, when I returned his call the next day he told me a decision had been made and someone else was chosen. Oh Well. Maybe I'll find something before I go insane. I do have my SS so I am not pushed.

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Bruce, all I can say is that I am proud to know you as a cyber friend and am so happy for your 1 year aniversary. It looks like your ride is a lot smother now and I am glad I got to play a part in it.

I will say a special pray right now for a company to find you.

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